Top Finishers at Tri-State at Steinway Billiards 2/23/2020

Photo of the following players left to right
1st  place Eddie Perez  – 2nd place Robert Colton

Eddie Perez undefeated in Tri-State at Steinway Billiards, Astoria (Queens), NY). Ed’s tournament trail included wins over Chris Farrell 6 – 2; Ada Lio 6 – 4; Jim Gutierrez 6 – 3; Bob Toomey 6 – 1; Terry Mohabit 6 – 2; and Robert Colton 6 – 2 to sit in the Hot Seat. Meanwhile Alex Green, who suffered a loss to Robert Colton 6 – 3 , went through the loss side for a rematch with Robert Colton, but ran out of gas. The finals between Eddie Perez and Robert Colton see-sawed to 5 – 5. If Robert could win the 6th game the race would extend to 8; however, Eddie gained control of the rack at a critical point and closed the door to win 6 – 5 for the win .

Place Player Cash
1st Place Eddie Perez 580
2nd Place Robert Colton 370
3rd Place Alex Green 230
4th Place Patrick Meyers 140
5th/6th Place Terry Mohabir 85
5th/6th Place Luis Lopez 85
7th/8th Place Bob Toomey 65
7th/8th Place John Aquino 65

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