Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour, Turning Stone Classic XXXIII 9-Ball Open, January 9-12, 2020 – Complete Results

Here is the complete order of finish for our Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour’s, “Turning Stone Classic XXXIII 9-Ball Open”, which was held January 9-12, 2020. The event was $25,000 added with a total prize fund of $41,400. There was a full field of 128 players. All players were paid in cash immediately upon their elimination from the event!

Shane-Wins-Turning-Stone. Photo by Tony Fox

1st          $8,000            Shane Van Boening

2nd         $5,000            Alex Kazakis (Greece)
3rd          $3,600            James Aranas (Philippines)
4th          $2,600            Billy Thorpe
5/6th       $2,000 each – Mieszko Fortunski (Poland), Jayson Shaw
7/8th       $1,600 each – Konrad Juszczyszyn (Poland), Jeremy Sossei
9/12th     $1,200 each – Earl Strickland, Daniel Schneider (Switzerland), Kevin West, Brandon Shuff
13/16th   $850    each – Joe Dupuis, Rodney Cuillerier (Can), Bill Gallagher, Bucky Souvanthong
17/24th   $550    each – Sylvain Gingras (Can), Len Gianfrate, Demetrius Jelatis, Jennifer Barretta, Marco Kam, Dan Hewitt (Can), Matt Krah, Dave Fernandez
25/32nd  $300    each – Frederick Belley (Can), Nick Charette (Can), Sean Morgan, Tom Zippler, Dave Mills, Hunter Lombardo, Chris Szuter, Matt Tetreault
33/48th – Earl Herring, Dean Cuillerier (Can), Paul Dryden, Mike Yednak, Frank Hernandez, Mike Giurleo, Gene Hunt, Steve Lillis, Dave Dreidel, Bruce Barthelette, Mark Creamer
             Sylvain Deslauriers (Can), Johnny Archer, Clyde Matta, Dwight Dixon, Josh Burbul
49/64th – Tony Antone, Eric Cloutier (Can), Steve Fleming, Frank Wolak, Jesse Docalavich, Aaron Greenwood, Pat Fleming, Mike Nicoloro, John Francisco,
              Mike Toohig, Willie Oney, Rhys Chen, John Morra, (Can), Darren Clement (Can), Ben Werblow, Holden Chin
65/96th – Elvis Joubert (Can), Frank Gaetani, Fred Gokey, Garrett Vaughan, Steven Winter (Can), Nick Coppola, Alain Caya (Can), Bruce Nagle, Dale Kimmett (Can),
             Jia Li (Chn), Tom Acciavatti, Caroline Pao, Pascal Dufresne (Can), Che Lemmon (Can), Veronique Menard (Can), Roger Miller (Can), Steven Way, Alain Gelinas (Can), Ranulf Tamba,
             Waleed Hashem, (Can), Lida Mullendore, Elvis Rodriguez, Gregg McAndrews, Sara Lancey, Ron Casanzio, Tom Gildea, Jerry Crowe, James Kearney,
             George Poltorak, Don Reigel, Jay Goyer (Can), Cleiton Rocha
97/128th – Cristina Schneider, Amy Yu, Geoff Montgomery, Dave Shlemperis, Dan Faraguna, William Bombard, Jed Jecen, Greg Bombard, Alvin Thomas, Randy Labonte,
               Maxime Villeneuve (Can), Devin Buttle (Can), Shawn Wescott, Jerome Rockwell, Ray Lee, Bob Cunninghan, Paul Pensgen, Larry Phlegar, Lenore Donavan Chen,
               Dominic Gauthier (Can), Chris Braiman, Troy Deocharran, Joe Cicero, Phil Harju, Robert Ragusa, Rich Connors, Steven W. Smith, Jim Prather, Erin Bechner,
               Einar Gudjohnsen, Paul Rozonewski, Rich Howard


Our Second Chance event had a field of 21 players with a total prize fund of $1,000.

1st     $500 Tom Zippler
2nd    $300 Greg Bombard
3/4th  $125 each – Tom Acciavatti, Aaron Greenwood
$1,500 Joss Cue raffle winners – Brian Dauphinee & Sammy Khiev & the winner of the autographed Aramith Pro Cup cue ball used in the final match – Bob Bartley

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