April 28, 2019 , Tri-State event, which was hosted by Steinway Billiards 3525 Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens, NY.

Place Player Cash
1st Place Matt Klein $780.00
2nd Place Pashk Gjini $510.00
3rd Place Bryan Jeziorski $310.00
4th Place John Durr $205.00
5th/6th Place Jose Estevez $125.00
5th/6th Place Tony Kuo $125.00
7th/8th Place Ryan Dayrit $90.00
7th/8th Place Bianca Martinez $90.00
9th/12th Place Nick Limbertos $70.00
9th/12th Place Dax Druninski $70.00
9th/12th Place Yomalin Feliz $70.00
9th/12th Place Manuel Gomez $70.00

1st place Matt Klein
2nd place Pashk Gjini

Matt Klein undefeated in Tri-State at Steinway Billiards, Astoria (Queens), NY). Matt’s tournament trail included wins over Mike Strassberg 7 – 2; Charlie Beam 7 – 4; Akiko Taniyama 7 – 3; John Durr 7 – 4; Tony Kuo 7 – 3; and Bryan Jeziorski 7- 3 for the Hot Seat. Now Bryan, who was crushing the field before his match with Matt, waited for another shot in the Finals. At the same time, Pashk Gjini worked his way through the loss side,with wins over Jose Estevez, John Durr. Next Pashk got a chance for redemption with Byran Jeziorski, and pulled it off with a 7 – 6 win.

During the Finals, Matt continued to overpowered his opponent with a quick 7 – 1 victory. Secial acknowledgement goes to Brian Jeziorski for his impressive performance. Also of interest, Akiko Taniyama ran out from the break in the Break & Run contest


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