Tri-State event on March 10, 2019, at Steinway Billiards 3525 Steinway Street, Astoria, Queens, NY.

Photo of the following players left to right:
1st  place        Michael Inoa
  2nd place       Anne Flores

Place Player Cash
1st Place Michael Inoa 780
2nd Place Anne Rhio Flores 505
3rd Place Russel Masciotti 310
4th Place Noah Vogelman 190
5th/6th Place Jimmy Acosta 120
5th/6th Place Ron Bernardo 120
7th/8th Place Patrick Meyers 90
7th/8th Place Bianca Martinez 90
9th/12th Place Amir Rashad Uddin 0
9th/12th Place Ada Lio 0
9th/12th Place Paul Ewing 0
9th/12th Place Jason Goberdhan 0

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