On January 12th At the close of the 2019 USBA Amateur Classic, the USBA honored and thanked Mazin Shooni, outgoing USBA President for his hard work and dedication in promoting the game of Three Cushion Billiards in the United States. A top player and a former USBA National Champion, Mazin has served on the Board of Directors of the USBA for fifteen years, including the last three as President. He is a tireless organizer of tournaments, exhibitions and other events around the country. He also owns and runs a billiard room in Malden, Massachusetts.

A plaque from the USBA was presented to Mazin by Paul Frankel, who is better known in the billiards world as Professor Q Ball. Inscribed on the plaque were the simple words, In grateful recognition, that cannot describe the benefit Mazin has bestowed upon the billiards-playing public.

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