Cuetec Launches Cynergy-15K

December 2018 (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ) – Cuetec is proud to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Cynergy-15K high-performance carbon fiber composite shaft. Designed and developed in collaboration with five-time U.S. Open Champion Shane Van Boening, the new Cynergy 15K shafts have been engineered for world-class performance.

Available for distribution beginning December 11th, 2018, the Cynergy-15K shaft will be offered in eight different pin options and features the very latest in cue technology.

Multidirectional Carbon Fiber Filaments
Cuetec’s Cynergy carbon composite shafts are constructed with multiples of resin-impregnated military grade unidirectional carbon fiber filaments. The diameter of each filament is 7 um(0.007 mm), or about one twelfth of a human hair. The orientation of these carbon fiber filaments is crucial to achieving optimal durability, strength, and performance. During the heat curing process each of these specifically oriented filaments works together to ensure there is zero net displacement. The result is a perfectly straight and ultra-strong shaft.

Polyurethane Foam Core
At the heart of each Cynergy carbon composite shaft is its ultra-high-density polyurethane foam core. This Cuetec proprietary poly-foam core ads stability to the shaft, allowing for prescribed flex and creating a more wood-like sound upon contact with increased feel and feedback.

Flyweight Front-End Construction
Less weight means less deflection. Benefitting from their ultra-strong carbon composite construction, each Cynergy shaft features Cuetec’s flyweight front-end build. This construction allows the Cynergy poly-foam to stop five inches below the tip, creating a rigid cavity with less mass and therefore less deflection on contact.

SST (Super Slim Taper)
Developed to provide the most comfortable playing experience, each Cuetec Cynergy shaft features the all-new Super Slim Taper. Measuring 15.5 inches in length from the tip, each Cynergy shaft has virtually zero rise, allowing for a more level and precise stroke, regardless of the player’s stroke length.


Thin White Sighting Ferrule
At only .25 inches long the thin, light-weight, white sighting ferrule on each Cynergy shaft not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

“Cuetec’s got some great engineers,” Van Boening says. “They’re incredibly committed and make amazing cues. After more than a decade of playing and winning with Cuetec equipment, I can honestly say the Cynergy-15K is the most complete shaft I’ve ever played with. Players are going to be really impressed, I love mine.”

Cuetec is no stranger to excellence in cue engineering, having previously developed the championship capturing R360 shaft made famous by Shane Van Boening. Over the past few months Van Boening has already started adding titles the Cynergy 15K shaft’s credentials, winning the U.S. Open 8-Ball Championship, U.S. open 10-Ball Championship, Turning Stone Classic and a Euro Tour title as he evaluated the final shaft build. Be on the lookout for more Cynergy-15K victories as enthusiasts and professionals around the globe field the shafts in competitions ranging from local tournaments to the World 9-Ball Championships.

About Cuetec

Cuetec burst onto the billiard scene in 1989, perfecting the fiberglass cue. Today, Cuetec prides itself on offering the most technologically advanced wood and composite constructed cues and shafts, providing players with high-performance playing equipment at affordable prices. For more information, please visit Follow us on Facebook:

About Imperial International

Imperial is the exclusive distributor for Cuetec in the United States. Imperial and Cuetec work together to maintain that professional quality players and cherish. Imperial International is the premier distributor of billiards equipment and licensed products from the NFL, MLB, NHL and several high-profile colleges and universities. With over 60 years of experience, Imperial has made a name in the industry with some of the most well-crafted pool tables and accessories on the market with price ranges to fit any budget. Add a huge assortment of licensed product and there is no other company that you will need to look to for your game room, dorm room and man cave needs. For more information, visit Follow Imperial on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @imperial_usa.

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