Shooter’s Family Billiards-Tri-State Tour

Sunday’s event at Shooter’s Family Billiards would bring 25 players out on a cold rainy day to play 9 ball. The highlight of the day would be Jerry Almodovar and his highest finish to date in the Tristate Tour. He would move thru the day beating Bernie Vogelsang 6-0, Mike Strassberg 6-3, Tim Demarest 8-4, Kevin Serodio 6-3. He would then meet Paul Wilkens in the hot seat match and send him to the one loss side 7-3. Meanwhile Kevin Serodio would be moving across the one loss side defeating Michelle Brotons 6-4 and Eddie Medina 7-4. He would then face Paul Wilkens in what would be the last match of the day and defeat him 7-5. Kevin and Jerry would decide not to play and Jerry would end the day victorious and undefeated.

L 2 R
Jerry Almodovar 1st
Kevin Serodio 2nd

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