Tom Simpson Master Instructor passed away


I got a call  from Candace Coffin, Tom’s wife, telling me that Tom had passed away. He was on the way to the hospital and had a heart attack. His passing was sudden and a shock to me. That is the last thing I could ever imagine.

I have been working with Tom for about 10 years and have done close to 100 seminars with him over the years. During that time I have come to understand the passion and love for the game that Tom exuded. Tom was a true pioneer and role model for players and instructors alike. Tom encouraged me and to write about pool and was instrumental in exposing me to the bigger pool world.

I only know pieces about Tom’s life before he became a full time Instructor, but I have been with him enough years doing the Intensive seminars to understand the great passion and dedication he had to helping pool players improve and bringing more qualified instructors into the industry.

Tom had an exceptional ability to look at a player’s stance and figure out a more efficient way for the player to stand. He was also a marketing genius! Puns, turns of phrases, and article titles delighted me over the years. Just look at the chapters of his book “Beat People with a Stick” to get chuckle after chuckle over his use of words.

I am also honored to be considered a friend of Tom’s. He was a loyal, dedicated and exceptional man that I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from over the years.

You will be missed Tom. Rest in peace.simpson ad-

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