Efren Reyes wins 2nd year in a row “Make-It-Happen” One-Pocket

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Reyes, 61, had beaten Van Boening, 32, who is arguably the best player in the world, in the game that Reyes is undisputedly the best ever. As a measure of Reyes’ firepower, nine of his 21 games won ended with long runs of 7 (3 times) and 8 (6 times), underscoring his skill at the game’s strongest move – running lots of balls!
Efren Reyes ———— 5- 1
Shane Van Boening—-4 – 2
Jeremy Jones———–3 – 2
Tony Chohan———–2 – 3
Alex Pagulayan———1 – 4
Danny Smith————1 – 4


This is Accu-Stats’ third one-pocket invitational in its “Make-It-Happen” series. This special event invites six players with an all expenses paid trip and no entry fee. Each player wins $1,000 for each match won. The only way that this is even possible is with the help of supporters who purchase the “Make-It-Happen” package. 100% of the support money goes into the four day event. Accu-Stats takes nothing.


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