USBA Nationals update after 2nd Final round

PedroMiquelPedro Piedrabuena wins 40 to 27 in 21 innings against Miquel Torres

Young Gull LeeSonny Cho  Young Gull Lee  wins 40 to 19 in 40 innings against Sonny Cho

Hugo PatinoMicheal Kang   Hugo Patino wins 40 to 30 in 38 innings Micheal Kang against

JamilChris Batoz     Jamil Isreal   wins 40 to 36 in 50 innings against Chris Bartzos

The finals will be Pedro Piedrabuena against Young Gull Lee. Pedro has 7 USBA National Championships under his belt and won the last four years in a row. If he wins this it will make his 5th year in a row.

Playing for 3rd & 4th is Miquel Torres against Sonny Cho

Playing for 5th & 6th is Hugo Patino &  Jamil Isreal

Playing for 7th & 8th is  Chris Bartzos &  Micheal Kang

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