Road Players Nine Ball Training By Monk

image001The Monk Tim Miller

Knowledge applied becomes skill level. If I wanted to groove your stance, I would set you up to shoot this first shot. The only way you can consistently make the shot is to have a good solid stance. If I wanted to force you to use a specific stroke with cue ball speed in mind, I would ask you to make the second shot. If I wanted to build your concentration skills along with the ability to hit the winning shot, I would set you up so you face this type of shot for all the money. In this way, with this pattern, I am building the skills I want you to have.

This game is all about skill development. That is why two or three day lessons only last for a little while. There is no significant skill improvement. It takes time and hard work to become a great player. It takes commitment to achieve success. You need to put it on the line and be willing to go the distance.

Aiming is a wasted lesson. The aiming points change with each shot, with each stroke, with cue ball speed. Stance is a wasted lesson. We change our stance depending on where the cue ball is on the table and yes, we actually change our stance between strokes. If I am shooting high on the cue ball, I will adopt a slightly different stance than when I am shooting low. The absolute best way to master this game is to be put into position to experience skill development.

When I am cutting a ball across the table, I seem to get a little lower than on other shots. Once again, since I deal with these shots all the time, I made these adjustments on my own. When I wrote my first book Point the Way I understood these principles. I knew that you had to have the experience before you could acquire the knowledge. I cannot do the shots for you. All I can do is point the way. Go to my web site and order that book for just $9.95.  It is not something a person can tell you. You need to be in position to discover the hidden secrets of this great game. If I taught you things at the expense of your experience I would be the worst of masters.

Many well meaning instructors today destroy their students by teaching them things they can’t handle. If I want you to handle a specific shot, I will guide you through the skill you need to succeed with that effort.

Time for some extra credit work.


I’d like you to place the cue ball at 2-C. Put the 7 ball at H-4. Make sure you are straight in the corner pocket with this first shot. Put the 9 ball on H-5.  Put the 8 ball at D-7 just off the rail a chalk width.   Now you must run this pattern. I’d like you to make ten attempts and then report to me how you did.

This is an excellent pattern for stroke control. It has everything in it. Just let me know how you did in your first ten attempts.

I am always thinking about you. This is a long hard road, and the results of our efforts are what speak to our dedication to training. We do not have to put in long hours. We need to do the right things as perfect practice is what makes for perfect pool. I want to see you all in the winner’s circle where you belong one day.

The ROAD PLAYER TRAINING is filled with graphics like this that will turn your game into a dynamic force. On player told me he went out and played the best pool ever, after doing this pattern for a few hours.

May all the rolls go your way,

The Monk















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