2013 PartyPoker.net Mosconi Cup

Wednesday – Day Three-LINE UP

SCOTCH DOUBLES – Earl Strickland & Dennis Hatch Vs. Darren Appleton & Ralf Souquet

Day ThreeEurope continues the domination 6-3 moving closer to the finish 9-2

SINGLES MATCH -Earl Strickland Vs. Karl Boyes- Boyes takes down Earl 6-4- Team Europe is one match away from winning the 20th Mosconi Cup

SCOTCH DOUBLES – Dennis Hatch & Rodney Morris Vs. Mika Immonen & Niels Feijen 6-4- Team Europe


Final 9-Ball being made by Team Europe

All matches are a race to 6

Tuesday – Day Two-LINE UP

SCOTCH DOUBLES – Johnny Archer & Rodney Morris Vs. Karl Boyes & Niels Feijen

Europe continues their domination taking the opening match of Day two 6-4

SINGLES MATCH – Dennis Hatch Vs. Ralf Souquet.  Hatch after being up 4-1 loses to Souquet 5-6 in hill-hill match and bleeding continues with Team Europe 7-0.

Souquet wins 5-6 in hill-hill



SCOTCH DOUBLES –Earl Strickland & Shane Van Boening Vs. Darren Appleton & Mika Immonen

U.S.A. Finally gets on the board winning the hill hill match 6-5

Team Europe  leads  7-1 Race to 11.


SINGLES MATCH -Johnny Archer Vs Niels Feijen

Niels Feijen puts Team Europe  up 8-1.


SCOTCH DOUBLES – Rodney Morris & Shane Van Boening Vs. Mika Immonen & Karl Boyes

Another hill-hill match but this time it was team U.S.A. taking the match. 6-5

Going into day three-It is still team Europe leading 8-2



Photo’s by Ricky Bryant

TEAM EUROPE created the biggest first day lead in PartyPoker.net Mosconi Cup history as they won all five matches at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas to establish a 5-0 lead and give the USA a huge mountain to climb.

USA 0-5 Europe

USA 3-6 Europe

Morris/ Strickland 3-6 Appleton /Boyes

Shane Van Boening 5-6 Mika Immonen

Archer /Hatch 3-6 Feijen/ Souquet

Rodney Morris 4-6 Darren Appleton


The Teams



Johan Ruijsink  (Captain)

1. Ralf Souquet (Germany) 15 appearances, 75 matches, 45 wins. Age: 45  Nickname: The Kaiser

2. Mika Immonen (Finland) 14 appearances, 70 matches, 37 wins. Age: 40  Nickname: The Iceman

3. Niels Feijen (Holland) 8 appearances, 37 matches, 22 wins. Age: 36  Nickname: Terminator

4. Darren Appleton (England) 4 appearances, 20 matches, 9 wins. Age: 35 Nickname: Dynamite

5. Karl Boyes (England) 1appearance, 5 matches, 4 wins. Age: 31 Nickname: Guapo



Vice Captain-Buddy Hall

1. Johnny Archer  – Captain – (Georgia) 16 appearances, 79 matches, 44 wins. Age: 45  Nickname: The Scorpion

2. Earl Strickland (North Carolina) 13 appearances, 60 matches, 39 wins.Age: 52  Nickname: The Pearl

3. Rodney Morris (Hawaii) 8 appearances, 40 matches, 21 wins. Age: 43 Nickname: Rocket

4. Shane Van Boening (South Dakota) 6 appearances, 31 matches, 15 wins. Age: 30  Nickname: South Dakota Kid

5. Dennis Hatch (New York) 3 appearances, 15 matches, 9 wins. Age: 42 Nickname: The Hatchetman


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