Ultimate 10-Ball Championships Increases Added Money in Name of Billiard Unity

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Badi Nazhat and I am the Promoter of the Ultimate 10-Ball Championships. I join with all of you who appreciate and enjoy the game of pocket billiards. I would like to start by saying that I have invested in my passion for professional pool over half a million dollars since my first event in Aruba some three years ago. Within the heart of that passion lies a very simple belief that is easily understood but sometimes appears difficult to apply. That belief is in unity and brotherhood in the billiard world. That belief is in a team of professionals who all move towards a common goal.  My objective is to have the supporters of pool show a positive presence in the eyes of the players and the world during my Tunica event. Importantly, this will present a positive image for future sponsors that are outside the billiard industry as well as from sponsors inside the industry that are interested in a wholesome image that has little to do with political or business leverage and is more about this amazing sport.  If we work together we can provide a product of such value that it will draw sponsors from outside the industry who would seek merely to have their brands identified with this very popular pastime. Sponsors who only seek the good will of the millions of people who enjoy playing and watching the game.

When I sought out the contacts that I have established in pool over the last few years by staging my events I found that they were all more than willing to join me in a ‘business as usual’ fashion. They wanted to sponsor my event in the same fashion they have been sponsoring events for the past fifty or more years.  That is understandable. People and businesses get used to a certain method and inertia stalls them there. I wish to use my events to kick inertia out the door and begin the journey of pro pool anew.

I decided to respectfully not accept any money from any entity for the UTBC.  The business as usual approach that was desired will not brighten our skies. I do not wish to weaken a house divided, I wish to stand shoulder to shoulder with all who would join in the progression of the professional scene. In the spirit of team play that I envision I have invited many companies to join with us as supporters of Ultimate 10-Ball and they have most graciously consented to allow me to honor their past contributions to the game and look forward with them to a future where we all act as one to achieve a common goal, one that benefits us all by empowering the game.

JUNE 16-20thHarrah’s Hotel & Casino – Tunica, Ms

As my decision to not accept sponsorship funds could be seen as having a deleterious effect on the players I have decided to put the additional $25,000 I was seeking into the prize fund myself. That raises the WPA Men’s Ranking event from $50,000 to $75,000 in Guaranteed Added Money no matter whether the playing fields are full or not..This assists the players and allows me to reach the goal of having the event be a Tier 2 WPA Ranking event. And that more suitably rewards the efforts of international players who will travel many miles in order to compete in this  event. The total purse for these two events with full fields now stands at $196,000. No BCA or WPA event on American soil has seen this amount of prize money since the inception of the WPA more than twenty years ago.

I look forward to meeting those from the world of American Pool business who will be honoring my event with their presence. Together we will raise a toast to pool. And I invite all of you to Tunica June 16-20 to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It will be a show you will not soon forget.

-Badi Nazhat
Ultimate 10-Ball Championships




64 Women

Aft, Dana US Lee, Barbara US
Andoni, Borana US Lee, Belinda US
Ashton, Joanne CA Lee, Jeanette US
Atwell, Janet US Li, Jia CN
Badger, Sandy CA Little, Melissa US
Barnes , Jessica US Locati, Shelby US
Barretta, Jennifer US Makiyama, Hiroko US
Bryant, Brittany CA Mans, Natalie US
Calhoun, Belinda US McCormick, Crystal US
Callado, Eleanor US McManus, Erin US
Cavanaugh , Kelly US Metzinger, Cathy CA
Cervantes, Debbie US Miller, Sara US
Chen, Jeniffer CN Montour, Jana CA
Chen, Siming CN Ouschan, Jasmin AT
Cole, Liz US Paglia, Angel US
Corr, Karen US Paski, Vicki US
Cucculelli, Teruko US Peeters, Tamara NL
Duddy, Emily US Pritchard, Cheryl US
Edmondson, Shelli US Rademakers, Melissa NL
Feliz, Yomaylin US Reeve, Denise US
Fisher, Allison US Rose, Reni US
Fisher, Kelly US Sessions, Janis US
Geene’-Rogers, Tamre’ US Seto, Maureen CA
Goens, Stephanie US Sidbury, Kia US
Gyftopoulos, Eugenia US Smith, Laura US
Hess, Tina US Stockstill, Eve US
Hopkins, Dawn US Thornfeldt, Helena US
Hurst, Sonya US Villarreal, Vivian US
Keeney, Nicole US Webb, Monica US
Kim, Ga Young KR White-Newsome, Kim US
Kjorsvik, Line US Williams, Susan US
Laurance, Ewa SE Wiser, Tonya US

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