Association of Billiard Professionals 2012 Banquet

Association of Billiard Professionals 2012 Banquet

Johnny Archer, President of the ABP

Marietta, Georgia- The Association of Billiard Professionals will be hosting its first ever ABP Banquet for Professional Players on October 13th. It will take place during the Johnny Archer Classic at a designated intermission between 6pm-730pm on Saturday. All players in the tournament will be invited to join as well as special guests.
The ABP Banquet is completely paid for by the generosity of Johnny Archer and the Marietta Billiard Club. Players will enjoy speeches by notable guests, peers, and a music video dedicated to the players. The ABP will also honor a special guest with the first ever ABP President’s Award given by ABP President Johnny Archer to the individual who has been invaluable to the progress of professional pool.

“I just think its important for the players to be together and enjoy a good meal as a family. The ABP is not just an association, but a brotherhood”, said Johnny Archer, President of the ABP.

The ABP is an united assembly of international professional billiard players. The ABP was formed to be the voice of players worldwide in order to assist in tournament and industry challenges. ABP directives include standardizing equipment, rules, ensuring the timely payment of prize money, assisting promoters and sponsors, and the overall protection and security of professional players. The ABP works to improve the sport of billiards and jointly works with associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike in the joint goal of growing the sport and providing security to all involved. Membership of the ABP includes players from Europe, Asia, and the  United States. To join and support the ABP,  e-mail . Follow and support ABP at 

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