Tap Rally In The Valley

March Rally In The Valley

Dream Team and Singles Event

March 8th-11th starts off with another Sell Out for the 16th historical Rally In The Valley Dream Team amd Single Events.  The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks In Pennsylvania , landmarks our new location for great moments, great times and grand memories .If you have any questions, please feel free to call 800-984-7665 or visit our help desk to the right of this page.Click Here For Dream Team formats special hotel, event information and event schedule.  Visit the TAP facebook if your interested in adding TAP to your area or visit our Expo booth #335 and #415.


2013 TAP National

The Wind God’s Have Spoken

The winds on the outskirts of Chicago demand the best as the windy city will be blowing in the talents of TAP’s National Championships to Pheasant Run Resorts.


Sponsorship Opportunity

Let’s Build A Relationship

The year of 2011 holds great things for our organization. Different levels of sponsorship programs will be introduced to our brand. TAP, being a recognized organization throughout the United States, Canada and soon to be International, will be actively marketing partnership programs. Keep your eyes on this area for updates.

Click on link  for more information about the TAP     http://www.tapleague.com/

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