Format and Schedule

(21 matches, race to 6, alternate break, first Team to 11 points)

The exact match schedule and rules will be determined nearer to the event.

Shot Clock Rules

Under the shot clock rules, each player will have up to 30 seconds to complete each shot.

A dedicated tournament official will operate the clock and an audible five-second count down will commence once the player has reached 25 seconds. The clock will start when the last moving ball on the table comes to rest.

Failure to play a shot in the allocated time will result in loss of visit and ball in hand to the incoming player.

In the singles matches, each player is allowed one 30 second extension per rack. This can be called at anytime within the initial 30 seconds.

In the doubles and trebles matches, each team is allowed two 30 second extensions per rack. Again, this can be called at anytime within the initial 30 seconds.

The Break Rules

The following conditions on the break shot apply in all matches at the Mosconi Cup:

1.         The balls will be racked higher up the table with the 9 ball resting on the spot.

2.         The cue ball must be struck from behind the headstring.

3.         On completion of the break shot, three balls must pass the headstring. This does not include the cue ball. Pocketed balls count, therefore if a breaking player made one ball on the break, only two would be required to pass the headstring. Balls are not required to come to rest past the headstring so a ball that strikes the rail and returns across the head string back down table would be a legal ball.

4.         The rack will be lightly tapped in as per WPA guidelines.



1)     The Magic Rack was used on Day 1 but due to some problems both teams agreed to the use of a standard triangle starting for the remainder of the contest.

2)     Racking forward is not new and has been used in other events to eliminate the wing balls going automatically on a direct hit break.  But the knowledgeable players shoot for the one ball in the side on the rack forward system.

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