Sky Woodward wins the 3rd Don Samples Memorial 9-Ball


1st   –  Skyler Woodward $2400 / 2250

2nd – Devin Poteet       $1,500 / 1300

3rd  –  Rob Saez            $650   /  $1000

4th  – Mark Mendoza  $450 / 500

5-6th   $100

With 32 strong players and was played on 9ft Diamond Tables.

Special thanks goes out to Josh Gilmore the Tournament Director and Ray Hansen (PoolActionTv) for live-streaming.

Also the generous sponsorship of the room owners Ken and Michelle and Miller Beer (A.S.Barboro) , Billiard Pro Shop, Professor-Q-Ball’s National Pool &  3-Cushion News.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and came out to celebrate the memory of Don Samples.Don Samples

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