In memory of George Middleditch

George “One More Time” or “Trickshooter” Middleditch

George was a man of many words, and most were very loud,

He loved people, they loved him, and he always drew a crowd.

He always talked of all his friends, and the places that he’d been,

He talked of the many missed shots, so close to going in.


As our George went up in years, the sparkle in his eyes,

It never really seemed to dim, but no one was surprised.

He loved the game and he loved us all, and when he shook your hand,

You knew he was a friend for life, one that could always understand.

He had a gruff exterior, that fact you can’t deny,

George would let loose a joke, and you’d laugh so hard you cried.

Now the angels hold a tournament, each year around theĀ fall,

And they were short a player, so old George got the call.

So wipe the tears from your face, cause George is up in Heaven,

Probably talking old St. Peter, into giving him the seven.

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