Jeanette Lee Visits Memphis

It has to be something special to pull me out of semi retirement and put me back behind this typewriter.  Some experiences are just too good to miss.  On May 25, 2011 at High Pockets poolroom in Memphis Tennessee, Jeanette Lee performed on tour.  Jeanette is a very special gift to the world of pool.  Her Black Widow flair, her long sensual black hair, and leather attire present her unmistakable trademark.  The poolroom was set up with television flair with no vacant seat visible an hour before show time.  A full house of players and fans were on hand to welcome the Black Widow and the Widow Maker as we sat in expectation to witness a night of pool heaven magic.

Morris Frankel, father of Paul “Professor-Q-Ball” Frankel feeling young again with Jeanette Lee

A warm Memphis fan base of young and old welcomed Jeanette as she walked into the room.  You could see from the smile on her face that she prepared for an enjoyable evening.  She opened with a personal hello to the audience telling us the story of her career.  I did not know she started playing pool when she was eighteen.  Jeanette was accompanied by her husband in law, George Breedlove (jokingly referred to as the Widow Maker), who is also a very accomplished professional player.  Both Jeanette and George demonstrated a selection of skill shots that mesmerized and entertained.  She added a personal touch by allowing a few lucky spectators the chance to come up to the table and experience a trick shot or two.  She had no problem finding willing volunteers to have a little fun.  The table interactions were all warm and friendly, not the same as the usual hard-core competitive pressure she is so accustomed too.

Shelbie Hunt having her challenge match with Jeanette

Following that portion of her show, Jeanette invited some randomly selected APA members to shoot a few challenge matches.  Being a ref, I have to admit that there might have been a little sharking going on with that table.  I mean, how would you feel bending over a shot and having Jeanette Lee whisper in your ear?  It was all in fun and no obvious fouls were committed.

Jeanette taking time out to  sign autographs

Jeanette, on a more serious note discussed her life battle with Scoliosis and her support to the Scoliosis foundation.  Jeanette shared her personal story about this problem and now promotes parental education and awareness.


While on tour, Jeanette was in Memphis promoting the APA (American Pool Association).  The APA historically has occupied a large part of our lives teaching us the defensive and competitive art of pool in a fun setting.


Overall, Jeanette’s show is an A-plus in every way.  We thank the APA for making this event possible and the vigilant preparation High Pockets performed to make Jeanette feel at home.  Memphis fell in love this enjoyable evening watching amazing pool and feeling the friendship of one of the greatest pool stars in history.  Thank you Jeannette for a truly amazing and memorable evening in Memphis.


Thank you again for reading and have a great game of pool.  Any comments or questions you may have, please drop me a line at

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