So What About 9-Ball?

by Cindy Chappell

The debate over 9-ball is interesting, as its ranges from those who think it is a game of slop to those who believe it is a game that requires more skill than what is needed when playing 8-ball.  The truth is, 9-ball is all about controlling the cue ball.  You are only as good as your next shot.  Read or scroll down to see TAP Las Vegas’ special $120 offer to promote the game.

In this writer’s opinion, 9-ball is good for a player’s game.  Competitors are targeting the same single ball when it comes to their turn, thus, making ball control an absolute must if they are to win the game.  Sure, players might get lucky and win a game or two and even a match race, but to consistently win matches and improve their handicap, players need to master ball control and learn defense.

When playing 9-ball, the better player’s objective is to not only to pocket a ball, but leave for the next shot or execute a successful defensive shot, so they can take back the table.  They are always looking ahead for the next 4-5 shots and/or for the win.  If they can pocket a ball, but can’t make the next ball, they rethink their strategy and many times play a defensive shot.

TAP League added an extra level of skill to the game by requiring players to call the pocket for the 9-ball.  Players acquire a separate handicap for 9-ball that is between 2 (beginner) and 7 (master) based on actual statistical data from the score sheets.  Players compete in a “match” by racing to their handicap, allowing them to get into their games and giving teams flexibility in scheduling players.  Players are also allowed coaching by fellow players to help improve their skills. TAP’s format fosters team spirit, while helping players to improve their game.

TAP League provides the opportunity for players to compete in 9-ball at Nationals in team, buy-in singles and mini-tournaments.  This year, TAP Las Vegas will host the 2nd Annual Vegas Masters in June and will be sponsoring the top team to represent Las Vegas.  In addition, National Sponsorship tournaments are held throughout the year to send a minimum of 3 individuals to compete in the singles event.  Nationals will be held at Bally’s on The Strip from November 9 thru 13, 2011.

$120 in FREE play will be awarded to new TAP Las Vegas teams in the 2011 summer session!  To further promote 9-ball in the pool community, we are offering players the opportunity to form their own teams with 4 or more players new to TAP League 9-ball and play for a discounted rate of only $32.00 per team per week for the entire summer session beginning the week of May 2.   At the end of the session, players are invited to a party where we award cash and trophies and the opportunity to compete in singles tournaments.

9-Ball is definitely a game to be played and we hope you will join us at some point in the near future!  League play provides an inexpensive night out, a way to meet people and improve your skills! Call TAP Las Vegas at 702-558-7665 or visit our website at   Players outside of Las Vegas, call the corporate office at 800-984-7665 or visit their website at   They can help you find a TAP League near you!

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