Regional Qualifier US Billiards, Houston, TX

Regional Qualifier

December 10-12, 2010

US Billiards, Houston, TX

12 Players

2 groups of 6

Top 3 from each group play 6 player round robin

Top Row: Juan Elizalde Sauz, Cong Nguyen, Mike Jefferson,Vinh Trieu, Bao Cao, Dung Nguyen, Timo Nguyen. Bottom Row: David Chavez, Joel Rivera, Loc Tran
Not pictured: Patrick Tran and Thanh Vu

Finalists: Vinh Trieu, Loc Tran, Thanh Vu, Dung Nguyen, Joel Rivera, and Cong Nguyen.

Cong Nguyen & Thanh Vu Qualify at US Billiards

Cong Nguyen (3-1) and Thanh Vu (4-0) played the final match of the tournament to determine the top winner. Cong finished the game in 14 innings with the best game average of 1.786.

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