Promoting this life-time sport through the youthful generation.

Just before the end of the school year, Allenwood Elementary School, located in Temple Hills, Maryland and in keeping with the schools motto “Allenwood is ENGAGED”,hosted their Career Awareness Day for all of their students.

Mrs. Lakeshia Morgan the shools Professional Counselor/Career Coordinator, orchestrated the event and said “There is no time like the present to make our children aware of the different and exciting career opportunities available to them”. The schools purpose is to help students, by displaying the personal characteristics and attitudes to become successful.

Numerous presentors from local county, city, state and federal agencies shared their experiences, detailing how Character Development plays an important role in Career Development.

Mrs. Morgan said “the students were attentive, eager and thrilled” to have the school invite Mr. Steven Brown,  a BCA and ACS Certified Instructor, to share his knowldege, explain and conduct a hands on demostration for the students.  Mr. Brown provided a Pocket Billiards Knowledge sharing experience, showing how this sport is related to math and all of the cognitive skills necessary for success in any endeavor. The hand eye coordination, memory and physical conditioning are points that he demostrated to the students. He was assisted by Ms. Gloria Boddie, U.S. Air Force (RET), a school consultant and active in the community.

The school appreciated Mr. Brown and the other presentors as  LEADERS of today to help fortify LEADERS of tommorrow.

There was a scrumptious continental breakfast and lunch provided to all presenters.

Mr. Brown is communicating with the Billiard Eductional Foundation (BEF) to get students in the Metropolitan Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland region, on board with promoting this life-time sport through the youthful generation.

Mr. Brown expanded on the BEF’s cliché “Aiming for a Future that Children can Bank On”. He further explained how Confidence combined with Enthusiasm can produce Leadership and a Winning Attitude.  Mr. Brown is an active instructor hosting workshops throughout the region who is available for group or private instruction.  He can be reached at , or 240.678.3396

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