Premiere Brand Integration Firm, Brand In Entertainment, Gets In “Pool, Poker and Pains” Corner

Premiere Brand Integration Firm, Brand In Entertainment, Gets In “Pool, Poker and
Pain’s” Corner
Los Angeles CA, August 20th, 2009: Premier LA-based brand integration firm, Brand In
Entertainment, has joined up with Pool Poker & Pain creator, Blair Thein, to elevate the level
of the show’s offering
Brand In Entertainment works directly with national and international brands, seamlessly
integrating them into the heartbeat of popular culture. BIE brings over 35 years of advertising
experience, along with an impressive roster of clients who appreciate the effectiveness of brand

Blair Thein is the sports and entertainment visionary who created and built the breakthrough
concept called “Pool, Poker, and Pain.” PPP combines three of the hottest sports on the planet:
Pool, Poker and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), in a character-based reality show. The show will
culminate in a live event at a Las Vegas casino, making sports and entertainment history.
“Pool, Poker, and Pain” will introduce a multi-talented, “new breed” of athlete: one who has the
charisma, heart, will, and talent that it takes to grab the attention of a new breed of
entertainment consumer.
In today’s competitive entertainment landscape, Blair acknowledges that it will take the right
branding to collaborate to maintain the integrity of his vision, as well as the integrity of each
respective sport, to draw die-hard fans from each blockbuster industry.
In approaching BIE with the concept for “Pool, Poker and Pain,” Blair was passionate about
ensuring that his vision is executed through a creative approach that will maintain the honor and
authenticity that each sport/game deserves.
To maintain the highest standards in all three disciplines and draw the most discerning fans,
Blair Thein has invested the last four years developing this concept through recruiting a pool of
multi-talented coaches and contestants.
President of Team Believe Promotions, Blair Thein has utilized his lifetime of networking
around the sport of pool to find and recruit some of the most impressive athletes, including
many top professional pool players in the game today.
Not only has Blair gained the interest and support from contestants, but he has also garnered
support from all three fields, including press coverage in each industry (pool, poker, and MMA).
He has also gained sponsorship from arguably the most trusted brand in billiards today,
Simonis Cloth.
<br />
Ivan Lee of Iwan Simonis
Billiards industry leader Ivan Lee of Iwan Simonis, Inc. has recently given Blair his support in
this project, stating, “I decided to sponsor [Blair Thein’s] event to push the boundaries of pool as
a universal game of nerves and skill, and to see how it fares as one of the three disciplines
combined to provide a new kind of entertainment and interest in our sport.”

Premiere Brand Integration Firm, Brand In Entertainment, Gets In “Pool, Poker and
Pain’s” Corner

Rolfe Auerbach, President and CEO of Brand In Entertainment, also mentioned that he is
excited to be a part of the branding of this remarkable concept, ensuring that today’s savvy
sports fans and brands can be a part of the future of sports and entertainment.
Just as many traditional media outlets are eroding with the advent of new technologies, many
traditional forms of entertainment just don’t pack a big enough punch to break through to a new
paradigm for sports and entertainment in the 21st century… and that’s just what “Pool, Poker,
and Pain” intends to do.
One of the keys to executing this project will be integrating the sport of pool (billiards) into the
conversations of sports fans across the world, shaping not only popular culture, but the way that
pool is perceived worldwide. In the last decade, poker has experienced breakthrough growth,
and it is undisputed that MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, so Blair is excited that
the “master of integration” is the chef stirring the pot in this project.
BIE will help Blair not only shock the sporting world, but also provide a platform to engage
viewers in an exciting way, spicing up the dialogue around water coolers worldwide.
“Pool, Poker, and Pain” is the ultimate interactive sports-entertainment experience, and Brand
In Entertainment is excited about moving forward with this concept, giving the sports of pool,
poker, and MMA a radical heart transplant.
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