Mike Dechaine Wins New England 9 ball Series Season Finale

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At Busters Billiards in Somersworth NH.
Story by Marc Dionne
64 players come out from all of New England for a chance at the $ 5,100.00 in prize money. The format was Race to your handicap: (D Level Players Race to 4) (C Level Players race to 5) (B Level Players race to 6) (A Level player’s race to 7)
(Open Level player players race to 8) (Pro players race to 10.)
The tournament had 16 players from each Level group, The Tournament Director Marc Dionne was Very happy about this. Here is a list of the Notables that attended. Mike Dechaine, Nelson Olivera, Luis Rios, Jay Hutchins, Nick Kafalas, PJ Kafalas, Kevin Guimond, Roy Morgridge, Harry Nathan, Cletion Rocha, Tim Perry,
Mike Barbagallo, Randy Labonte, Robert Lewis, Billy Lanna, Tom McGongale.
This was the strongest Tournament the tour has had to date.
Here is a list of some of the Awards that were given out. Player of the Year for each Division, Sportsman of the year, most improved male, Female.
The Semi Final Matches you wouldn’t expect some of the players that were in them this is due to the handicap system That Marc Dionne has designed.
The system was designed that someone who is a Beginner player will have the same chance to win as a Pro player.
I saw some great pool playing this weekend, I feel that this system will bring pool back, will let everyone have a fair chance at winning.
Winners side Final Nelson Olivera vs. Mike Dechaine this is a 10-8 match this was a neck and neck battle but Mike Dechaine would come out on Top by the score of 10-7 and take his place in the Finals.

The Losers Side Finals was Nelson Olivera Vs Dave the (Eagle Hall)
This match was an 8-8 race. This match was a nail biter also it went neck, neck for the first 10 games up till Nelson made a critical mistake on the 7 ball, let Dave go ahead 6-5, Dave would never look back, win the set 8-5 and his shot at Mike Dechaine. The Finals this is a true Double Elimination format the winner’s side must be beat twice. I don’t think god was Beating Mike Dechaine on this day.
He would steam roll over Dave hall by the score of 10-5, take the title for the second year in a row.
I would like to thank Frank Gravel the owner of Busters Billiards for letting the New England 9 Ball Series host this event; I would like to thank all my other sponsors such as Mike Webb Cues, Zinzola Cues, Predator Cues, The Adams Cue co, and Joe Tucker, all my other sponsors. See everyone in September.
For more info and a copy of 2009-2010 schedule go to www.mdpromotions.com

1st place Mike Dechaine pro $ 1,600
2nd place Dave Hall Open $ 900
3rd place Nelson Olivera open $ 450
4th place Kevin Gumiond open $ 325
5th/6th place $ 200 (Harry Nathan B,)(Darrell Roberts C)
7th/8th place $ 125 (Roy Morgridge B) (William Lanna Open)
9th- 12th place $ 100 (Cletion Rocha A,)(Tim Perry A,)(Nick Kafalas C,) (Mike) Barbagallo, B)
13th- 16th $ 75.00 (Stewart Rainy B) (Shane Cote, A)(Andy Maynard, B) (Tom (Mcgongale Open)

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