Special 3-Cushion USBA National Qualifier

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Professor-Q-Ball’s Promotions
Presents a special 3-Cushion USBA National Qualifier Dedicated to Promoting the Sport of 3-Cushion Billiards

We are proud to announce that at the 1st World Classic in Galveston, TX there will be two 3-Cushion Gabriel Imperator billiard tables for our USBA National Qualifier amongst the 180 Diamond pool tables.

The USBA Qualifier will be a 3-day event starting with the player’s meeting on September 11th at 9:30am. First rounds will start right after player’s meeting.
Format: Entry fee is $130, Dress code, collar shirt, shoes and slacks, round robin format, race to 20 points in the prelims and 25 points in the finals. There will be two flights of 6. Three from each flight advances to the 6 person finals on Sunday. Top two winners of the finals each receive free entry into 2010 USBA National Championship.

<br /> Don’t miss this unique presentation of 3-Cushion Billiards

Each player that enters the USBA National Qualifiers will receive a FREE complimentary pass to see the World Classic throughout the entire 9-day event, that includes 8 & 9 Ball pool, one pocket, Ten ball and 8-Ball wheelchair pool.

For more information on entering the USBA Qualifier please contact:
Paul “Professor-Q-Ball” Frankel – professorqball@comcast.net
Bus. 901 756-2594 or Cell 901 210-7251
For hotel information where to stay, go to www.theworldclassic.com and click on hotel tab.

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