VNEA Announces 2022-24 Board of Directors

The Valley National 8-Ball League Association (VNEA) announces its Board of Directors for their upcoming 43rd Annual League Season.
After serving a successful presidency, Marshall Kohtz from VVS, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska was succeeded as VNEA President by Scott Morgan. Scott began working in the Coin-op Industry for the family run Aactive Coin Machines in 1983. Scott’s first 20+ years with Aactive were spent on the road installing and servicing pool tables, video games and juke boxes in the Southern Manitoba, Canada area. Aactive joined VNEA in 1994 and in 1996, Scott traveled to his first VNEA Championships in Las Vegas to take the referee course. In 2005, Scott became Aactive’s League Coordinator and in 2000, he joined 10 VNEA Charter Holders from Western Canada to start the Western Canadian VNEA Champion-ships. Scott started with the WCVNEA as a referee, moved to head referee and then became the Vice President and Co-Tournament Director.

Scott has presented at VNEA Workshops, conducted many Referee Certification Classes over the years and been involved nationally with several Executive Com-mittee positions.

Scott has always been eager to get involved and the VNEA has benefitted greatly from his commitment.Filling out the remainder of the Board positions are as follows…
1st Vice President – Judy Mehle (BMW Billiards, Loveland, CO)
2nd Vice President & Treasurer – Dave Everett (M & G Services, OH)
3rd Vice President – Stuart Armstrong (Golden Route Operations, MT)
Charter Holder Director At Large – Craig Dumdei (C & N Sales, MN)
Manufacturer Director – Dave Courington (AMI Entertainment) Secretary – Kelye Stites (Valley)

The VNEA is an International Trade Association of Coin-Operated Vending Companies representing approximately 300 Charter Holders and nearly 100,000 pool league players worldwide. This exciting league season celebrates VNEA’s “43rd Annual”. To learn more, check out VNEA’s website at and LIKE us on FACEBOOK at

Brian Elliott – VNEA
Director of Marketing & Promotions

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