The March 25 and 26th Qualifier results for the Las Vegas World Cup is 8 Groups

Attached are the World Cup Qualifier Results from March 25th.

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World Cup Qualifier March 26th Results
56 Players-Single Elimination
25 Point Matches
35 Inning Limit

10 Players Qualify
7 Winners from the Round of 16 (actually the round of 14)
3 Losers (based on average) from the Round of 16 (actually the round of 14)

4 Reserves (representing different regions of the country)


March 26-WC-Qualifier_finalResults




Per the UMB eligibility rule, players residing in the United States who are members in good standing of the USBA are eligible for the qualifiers. In addition, the players must not be suspended by the CPB or the UMB.

WC Las Vegas is around the corner. By Bert Van Manen.  A quick reminder: the 189th World Cup will take place in Las Vegas (USA) from 27 March to 2 April. It’s the first time since 2003 that the USA hosts a World Cup.

The event takes place in the Rio all-suite Hotel and Casino, and the Five & Six organization will stream the tournament on YouTube.

This is a big deal for the USBA (the American federation) and for American players. Three (Pan)American players have been given a wildcard: Teran got the CPB/UMB wildcard, Piedrabuena and Patino the organizers cards.

We’ll see many more familiar faces in the qualification event: Tae Kyu and Young Kyu Lee, Miguel Torres, Mazin Shooni, Raymon Groot, Ricky Carranco, Vicky Pineda, Jay Karahan and others.

It’s no secret that I’ll always root for Torbjörn Blomdahl to win the event (even if he’s in the winter years of his long career now). But the consolation prize is: if he gets eliminated, he might join me in the commentary booth. And that’s a treat for the fans.


CLICK HERE to see the official format for the World Cup Qualifying Tournaments





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