Triangle Tilt By Tim Chin –

Triangle Tilt

By Tim Chin –


This is a complete novelty shot, but its elegance should not be understated. It’s one of the inventions I’m most proud of because of the innovative use of the rack. Both balls end up going into pocket E, the first one directly and the second one after the triangle tilts over, which sends the second ball to the other side of the rack and then rolling off the lip.

The setup is straightforward and simple. The E1 ball is on the centerline between pockets E and B. Depending on how fast the table is rolling, it can be up to 1.5 diamonds away from pocket E. Then, stand a rack up on edge and balance it on the E1 ball with the other corner of it on the table. It can help to shade this corner of the rack towards cushion 4 just a bit. Next, balance the E2 ball inside the rack. This should also be pushed towards cushion 4. The cue ball placement isn’t important but a straight shot is easiest!

Execution is obviously simple – just play a stop shot or small draw to pocket the E1 ball and hope for the best. The rack will tilt over (and remain standing), while the E2 ball will roll along the bottom of the rack, hit the other side, and roll off heading into the pocket. A decent amount of this shot is luck. At least I haven’t figured out any sure fire way to make it 100% of the time. Sometimes the E2 ball will stay stuck in the rack after rolling over; sometimes it will roll off the other side. But I think if you can make sure the E2 ball is on the E side of the rack and the corner of the rack is pushed towards cushion 4, it will go in only a few attempts.

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