Paul Drexler Inducted into the International Cuemakers Hall Of Fame 2020

Paul Drexler developed a love for wood working while helping in his grandfathers cabinet shop as a kid. His passion for pool was equally intense, having grown up as a teenager in the New York pool scene of the 1950s and 60s. Drexler worked as a billiard table mechanic while he was an undergraduate at Syracuse University, setting up, restoring, and repairing antique tables. After many years of success in the corporate world, his love for pool and woodworking intertwined when he began building his own pool cues in his Marlborough, CT home in 1989.

After traveling to California two years later and acquiring some hands-on experience with Hall of Fame cue maker Bert Schrager, Drexler transitioned to building cues full-time. Although he was in his early-40s when he ventured into cue construction  a late-bloomer by industry standards  Drexler rapidly became one of the top cue makers in the country. His background in the computer software business gave him a unique edge on producing artistic cues with Computer Numeral Controlled (CNC) equipment. In the late 90s, Paul set up an advanced system of computerized machines and began producing daring and unique cue designs that could only have been dreamed of previously.

Additionally, Drexler eye for quality exotic hardwoods, precious metals, gemstones and ivory combined to make his cues true works of art. He uses old school parquetry work mixed with modern inlay work to produce mind-blowing designs that have sold for tens of thousands of dollars worldwide. Paul developed his own style joint pin called Max Radial, which is a 5/16-10 joint pin that provides near 100-percent thread to wood surface contact and also was instrumental in the design of the Uniloc Joint.

His wife, Ellen, became involved in the design and inlay part of his cues and the couple began building cues under the name brand studios. Their cues have won numerous awards including:

2001 Mermaid Cue gifted to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC

2009 Dragon Cue voted Peoples Choice ICCS event Santa Fe, New Mexico

2013 25th Anniversary Cue votedCollectors Choice ICCS event Atlanta, Georgia

2014 25th Anniversary Cue voted Cue of the Year on AZ Billiards Forum

2018 Inside Pool TV/ ICA Inlay Masters Cue First Place

2018 Inside Pool TV/ ICA Point Masters Cue” First Place

2019 ACA Cuemakers Choice award, First Place, Super Billiards Expo

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By  Chris Hightower



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