Heres a set up shot that will take a while to perfect, but isn’t too hard once you get the little details down. There are a couple building blocks here that I use for other shots too.

Start with the 3 ball. I like to freeze it to the rail with the back edge even with the point of pocket B on cushion 2. Freeze the 7 ball to the 3 ball. It will be deeper into the pocket so the 7-3 combo line is aimed at the foot cushion. I use this particular setup on a number of different shots.

Next, place the 5 and 6 balls, one ball width off the rail and two and one ball widths away from the point of pocket B, respectively. Freeze the 4 ball to the 6, paying close attention to the tangent line and where thats aimed at the 7 ball. It should be aimed almost at the edge of the 7 ball, but you might need to make some small adjustments.

The 1 ball is hanging and play around with the position of the cue ball. I had it straight out from the 5 ball, about 1-1/2 diamonds away. This let me aim to cut the 4 ball on the right side and draw it in to the 1 ball.

You can slide the 5 and 6 up and down the rail to adjust for the bank, but you will also have to adjust the 4 ball so it might pick up slightly different spin. The 4 should follow the 7 in the side pocket and can do this even if it hits the 7 pretty full. You just need to make sure theres enough speed for the 3 ball as well. Other than that, it’s just adjusting your aim and amount of draw to get the 1 ball, but  leave this part out even during a show.

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