American Straight Pool Championship Oct 16-19 Carom Cafe, Flushing NY

I know that most of you are three cushion players, as I have been since before 1950 when I played a short 10 minute game with Willie Hoppe at the old Bensingers in Chicago.  Trouble was I just could never quite get my ave. above .5   . . .   still that does not mean you can’t totally love such a beautiful game.  Nothing that I need to tell each of you.


I have been running the American 14.1 Championship for more than a decade and this will be our 14th year.   It is grown up I would say and we are trying hard to keep the grand old game of 14.1 alive.  So far so good.  We keep our costs at a min., no expenses really, no payroll, print a handsome Program and every penny raised goes directly to the players and our Prize Find.  This year $42,000.   $14,000 comes from modest entry fee of $300., and 2x entries, $28,000. I need to raise.  Of 48 players we play though 24 spots.  If you are able to help us with a small $50-100. donation to our Prize Fund I would be very grateful.  Our flier is attached and it gives you an idea of the quality of the field.  All Sponsors are listed in our program.  See our website   and I hope you can help us a little.  Non Profit tax id # 82-4951497


Peter Burrows, 207 Meadow Gate Drive, Annapolis, MD 21409-5824

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