Build Your Own Game



“Once I get it going, I tend to keep it going…
I get fired up and enjoy it.”

Tiger Woods ”

MOMENTUM is like a runaway train, once it picks up speed, it’s hard to stop. When it’s on your side, it feels fantastic. When the other guy has it, you feel like you’re on one of those hand trolley cars, pumping like crazy, but it’s no use-that train is gonna run you down.

Momentum often turns at a crucial point in a match. Make this shot and you’re on the hill-miss it and your opponent draws to within one with the break.

Bang! He snaps the nine in-now it’s hill-hill and he’s got the momentum. You’re a little bit shell-shocked as you sit there watching him run out to win the match. Nothing left but the handshake.

Momentum can show up unannounced. By chance, you win a game you should have lost. In the next game you make a shot, brush another ball and accidentally break open a cluster that simplifies the whole rack. Boom! It’s on your side.

Your best defense against momentum swings is to play smart. Be aware of situations that represent turning points in a match. Carefully weigh the risk and rewards and take the shot that gives you the best chance at success.

Grab the momentum early.
Play smart and keep it.

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