Magic Moment Revised

One of the most amazing and brainstorming entertainment concepts ever created is The Magic Moment by Paul “Professor – Q – Ball” Frankel from Memphis, TN. This fascinating combination of magic and 16 “rolling” pool balls has become a magnetic attraction of thousands after being first performed for the Cue-Dean-E Talent Search In 2010.

The complete assembly of this “mouse trap game” resemblance takes 3 ½ hours to set up with over 150 decks of playing cards and other props on the billiard table; however, it only takes a few minutes to see its appealing and amazing special effects with billiard balls being transformed into a magical and unexpected conclusion.

A revised performance was done January of 2011 at Highpockets in Memphis, TN to the amazement of onlookers. May each of you viewing this remarkable and entertaining attraction “enjoy the roll” and “share in the magic moment” of it all!!

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