Alpha Pool League

Alpha Pool League, a Completely Different League Experience

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Those of us who enjoy league pool know the thrill of victory and, yes, the agony of that too oft defeat.  Our desire to be at the top brings us all back again and again to our favorite league sport.  Naturally, some venues haven’t had the right combination to support customary league pool, usually because there aren’t enough players to host four or more regular teams.  Alpha Pool League has a new unique format that creates a true league experience with as few as six regular players, with the upper limit based only on the number of tables available.  They’ve done this by eliminating teams altogether.  Each person basically plays games, earns points, and stands alone against everyone else in the league.  Player payouts after each session are in cash, each typically lasting 15 weeks.


The Alpha Pool League format provides for a PC based random draw for each match, with each player matched against five others.  Games are contested for points (balls dropped), with a handicap bonus being applied to the lower skilled player.  Each player’s handicap is based upon their average score over their last 35 games.  The league operator can also set handicaps, but that is not necessary in nearly all cases.  An odd number of players in a match results in one player being awarded a single game bye, scored as a win.


The software is designed to be very simple to operate, with all of the heavy work of random draw, game assignments, handicap calculation and application, player scores and ranking, etc. managed by the PC and the Alpha Pool League web site.  The operator collects fees, enters the players names into the PC, announces games, and records scores.  At the end of a match the data is uploaded to the web site and the scores and standings are immediatley available to be viewed.


Nightly (per match) player fees are established and managed by the local operator, with each local local league determining its own approach to player fees and payouts.  Alpha Pool League is also a great money making opportunity for fraternal organizations.  With as few as ten regular players, an added $2 weekly contribution will raise $1,000 for your favorite benefit in just a year.


So what could be better than bringing league pool to places that could never enjoy it before, playing for the top spot in your favorite roost, earning cash along the way, or raising money for your charity, doing what you love to do anyway?


For more information visit, or call Richard Guittar at 812-944-8421.

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