Rocket Launches Late, Then Soars to Victory in US Open 10-Ball

Rodney “Rocket” Morris has won the US Open 10-Ball Championship in fine style. He came into the finals facing a dominant Dennis Orcollo who had run through the brackets undefeated to claim the hot seat.

The first half of the match was all Orcollo. He ran rack after rack while Morris cooled in his chair and soon enjoyed a 9-2 lead in the race to 13 games. But then Orcollo suffered a dry break and Morris took over. From that point on Orcollo would only claim one more point while Morris kept racking up win after win. In the end Morris got to the hill at 12-10 and looked good to win easily. Then he dogged the 10 ball and Orcollo faced a shot everyone was certain he would make. But he failed in that attempt and Morris pocketed the 10 for the win.

Now we begin the US Open 8-Ball Championship. As always, follow the action on the AZB live scoring and brackets pages and watch the best matches at


Rodney Morris in Command of US Open 10-Ball

You hear it over and over again this week. “I have never seen anyone shoot pool like Morris this week.” And it is true. Rodney Morris is littering the floor with the bodies of champions who take him on and fail miserably. This week Morris is a machine that never falters.


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