“Tiger signs Pedro Piedrabuena again!

We are proud to announce that Tiger Products, Inc. and Pedro Piedrabuena have teamed again for another two year contract. Last year the team work created a record breaking season for Pedro. Ever since Pedro had signed on with Tiger, he had his best personal year ever, staying unbeaten throughout 2012. “2012 was by far my best year ever for Billiards, ever since I started using my Tiger cue. They make great products and use new technology to improve the game. As a professional I need to use the best equipment out there to get better results. I am very excited to be part of Tigers’ team for another two years.“ – said Piedrabuena. “We are coming out with our latest TG12 Professional Series cues this year, so “YES” we are very excited to have this partnership for another two years. Pedro is a great individual and a true professional for 3 Cushion in USA, and we are honored to have him on board for another two years. We have lot more to offer to 3C, especially with our new Carom-X Pro NO deflection shafts coming out soon, so timing couldn’t have been more perfect“ – said Tony Kalamdaryan, Ceo of Tiger Products, Inc.


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