More than $1 Million will be awarded at this year’s championships.

U Just Got Hoff’d from Windsor, OH

U Just Got Hoff’d Wins 8-Ball Doubles Championship

The finals of the 8-Ball Doubles Championship paired U Just Got Hoff’d – Tony Fuduric (SL5) and Neal Shirk (SL5) from Windsor, Ohio against Tejas Winners – Farid Tijerina (SL5) and Aminta  Hernandez (SL4) of Houston, Texas. The race was 4-4. U Just Got Hoff’d won the lag, but Tejas Winners won the first game. U Just Got Hoff’d then came back to win the second, third and fourth games. Tejas Winners weren’t giving up, coming back to win the fifth game, but U Just Got Hoff’d took the sixth game to capture the match and championship title.

U Just Got Hoff’d took home $6,500 for their win. Tejas Winners didn’t leave empy-handed, earning $4,000 for their Runner-Up finish.


Take Care Brush Ya Hair Wins 9-Ball Doubles Championships

In the finals of the 9-Ball Doubles Championship, Vegas Bound – Brian Collins (SL5) and Kenneth Flowers (SL3) of Vinton, Va., was paired against Take Care Brush Ya Hair – Eric Vandervliet and Geoffrey Pryjmaczuk of Cheshire, Conn. The race was 35-31. In the end it was Take Care Brush Ya Hair earning the title and $5,000 1st Place prize. Vegas Bound didn’t go home empty handed, earning $3,000 for their Runner-Up finish.

Robert Prince Jr. Wins APA Wheelchair Challenge

The APA Wheelchair Challenge took center stage at the Top of the Riv on Friday evening. Charlie Hans (SL7) from Middletown, Ohio was pitted against Robert Prince Jr. (SL4) from Beltsville, Md., in the finals. The race was 5-2. Hans won the lag and continued on to win the first two games, however Prince Jr. found his groove and came back to win the next two games for the win. For his victory, Prince Jr. took home $1,700. Hans earned $800 for his Runner-Up finish. Prince Jr. was also awarded the Sportsmanship Award! The final score was 2-2.

Still Don’t Know Wins Masters Championship

Still Don’t Know – Larry Kressel, Andre Shank, Chris Bruner and David Hunt from Richmond, Va., were up against Bubba N Da Boyz – Raymond Procell, Donald Weathersby and Josh Harris from Coushatta, La., in the finals of the Masters Championship. The first match paired Shank from Still Don’t Know against Weathersby from Bubba N Da Boyz, with Weathersby taking the match. In the second match, Bruner from Still Don’t Know squared off against Harris from Bubba N Da Boyz, with Bruner winning the point. The two Team Captains – Kressel and Procell – went head to head in the third, tiebreaking match, with Kressel eventually capturing the win, 2-1. Still Don’t Know earned $10,000 for their 1st Place finish! As Runners-Up, Bubba N Da Boyz, took home $5,000.

English Crooks Make Off With 8-Ball National Championship!

English Crooks of Bridgeport, Conn., are this year’s National Team Champions in the Open 8-Ball Division. They defeat Murder by Numbers from Paoloa, Kansas in a hill-hill nail-bitter in the finals. The victory earned English Crooks $25,000 in prize money, while Murder by Numbers took home $15,000 and the Runner-up trophy.

Snook Hers Crowned Ladies Division Champions!

In the finals of the Ladies 8-Ball Division, Snook Hers of Arlington, Va., was paired against Queen Bee’s of Newport News, Va. Both teams were in it to win it, but in the end it was Snook Hers taking home the title! They earned $10,000 for the victory! Queen Bee’s didn’t go home empty-handed, receiving $5,000 for their Runner-Up finish. The final score was 3-1.


“Now What” Wins National 9-Ball Championship!

The finals of the Open 9-Ball Division featured N.J.’s Breakers of Metuchen, N.J., versus Now What of Dayton, Ohio.  Lead by a dominant performance by team captain Alex Olinger, it was Now What winning $15,000 and a national title.  The strong showing by N.J.’s Breakers in the tournament earned them a respectable Runner-up finish and a $7,000 payday.



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