Legends Support The Association of Billiard Professionals

From Oscar Dominguez – ABP Board Secretary & Treasurer

“It’s an honor having Nick, Mike, and Buddy join us. They have been around billiards a long time and they know the pro players need to stand together because no other association in America or the world will do it for us. To have their allegiance to the ABP just further encourages all of us that we are doing the right things to ensure the future of pool” – Johnny Archer ABP President.

The Association of Billiard Professionals was formed in March of 2010 with the goal of uniting the world’s greatest players. The ABP is harnessing the power of all professional players for a common goal:  to improve the sport of billiards so that associations, promoters, sponsors and players alike may work in conjunction to advance the game.
For more info on ABP go visit www.abp-players.com  or email abppropool@gmail.com

Legendary Players added:

Mike Sigel USA
Nick Varner USA
Buddy Hall USA
CJ Wiley USA

July 4, 2011 Updated ABP Player Membership
Mike Sigel USA
Nick Varner USA
Buddy Hall USA
CJ Wiley USA
Ralf Souquet GER
Niels Feijen NED
Darren Appleton ENG
Tony Drago MLT
Chris Melling ENG
Mark Gray ENG
Thomas Engert GER
Raj Hundal ENG
Imran Majid ENG
Marcus Chamat SWE
Karl Boyes ENG
Scott Higgins ENG
Huidji See NED
Oliver Ortmann GER
David Alcaide ESP
Efren Reyes  PHI
Francisco Bustamante  PHI
Alex Pagulayan  PHI
Dennis Orcullo  PHI
Lee Van Corteza  PHI
Roberto Gomez  PHI
Carlo Biado  PHI
Warren Kiamco  PHI
Antonio Lining  PHI
Jundel Mazon  PHI
Shane Van Boening  USA
Mika Immonen  FIN
Johnny Archer  USA
Shawn Putnam  USA
Rodney Morris  USA
Mike Davis  USA
Thorsten Hohmann  GER
John Schmidt  USA
Corey Deuel USA
Stevie Moore  USA
Oscar Dominguez  USA
Charlie Williams  USA
Dennis Hatch  USA
Jeremy Jones  USA
Allen Hopkins  USA
Scott Frost USA
Ernesto Dominguez MEX
Tony Robles  USA
Ronnie Wiseman  CAN
Kim Davenport  USA
Tony Crosby USA
Jeremy Sossei  USA
Tommy Kennedy USA
John Morra  CAN
Rob Saez  USA
Ben Zimmer  USA
Larry Phlegar  USA
Chris Szuter  USA
Art Wiggins  USA
Brian White  USA
Jeff Crawford  USA
Bill Mccollum  USA
Jeff Beckley  USA
Bill Incardona  USA
Stefano Palinga  ITA
Tommy Najar USA
Corey Harper  USA
Ron Park  USA
James Barraks  USA
Justin Daniels  USA
Dan Wallace  USA
James Roberts USA

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