Tropicana Las Vegas A Hit With Players!

Tropicana Las Vegas A Hit With Players!

Other 8-ball singles results included Nick Hood (Houston, TX) claiming a second title – Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles – by a 5-1 margin over Derrick Cantu (Alexandria, LA); Rhonda Wright (Westlake, LA) claiming a title for cajun country via a 4-1 finals victory over Linda Asleson (Billings, MT) in Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles; Hector Morgan (St. John’s NL) clipping Robert Wright (Surrey, BC) 5-4 for the lower-skill leveled Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles division; and Eve Sisneros (La Junta, CO) recovering from a first-set final’s loss to Kirsten Liane (Tacoma, WA) 3-4 to claim the trophy for the Rocky Mountain state by a decisive 4-0 score in the playoff set!

The veterans gained the spotlight as well, with Mike Rohner (Sherrill, IA) taking advantage of a free entry via a previous win in the Lucasi-Hybrid Cues All American Tour to dominate the Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – topping his play off with a 5-1 finals dispatch of Victor Tyynismaa (Lake Havasu, AZ) who was relegated to the runner-up position for the second straight year. On the distaff side (Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles), Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA) emphatically defended her title by eliminating Loreen Toutant (Barrie, ON) in the first set of the finals, 4-0. And in the Super Senior 8-Ball Singles, a former runner-up, Roy Skenandore (Green Bay, WI), escaped a two set finals over Jerry Watts (Shelbyville, KY) – after being down 2-4 and 0-4 respectively – to grasp the title on the hill, 5-4, for his first national title win!

Scotch Doubles 8-ball divisions (man/woman) featured the team of Jessica Frideres/ Dustin Gunia (IA/NE) defending their title in Advanced 8-Ball Scotch Doubles over Gina Knight/Kenneth Brisbon (IL/MI) in one set, 5-1; while Labernalene Store/Steven Stowers (AZ) blanked Mandy Schneider-Hood/Nick Hood (TX) in the finals 4-0 for the Open 8-Ball Scotch Doubles crown.

Team play highlighted the chemistry of league play with local hot shots, “Dick’s Pick” (NV), decisively outpointing Team Canada Eh! (AB) 13-7 for the Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Team championship; and “Dakota Dragon Ladies” (ON) breaking a 12-12 tie in the finals of Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Teams division to click off a 19-12 win over “Ol Tima” (WA) for the title. “Brass Bell I” (VA) took down the finals of the Men’s Open 8-Ball Teams via a one-set 13-10 decision over “4 Shooters & A Blind Preacher” (UT), while “Rat Pack Gals” (UT) kept their undefeated march intact via a 10-6 finals margin over “This Bud’s For You” (OK). In the standard divisions, Men’s Standard 8-Ball Team “Cubetas Leo’s Place” (CO) lost in the hot seat match 8-13, only to regain their momentum and gain revenge in the finals the hard way: a two set 13-12, 13-8 thriller over “O’Leary’s” (AZ); while “Kross Roads Wild Cards” (VA) captured the Women’s Standard 8-Ball Team division at the expense of Ontario’s “Felt on the Table”, 10-8.

The three 9-ball team divisions were highlighted respectively by: Men’s Advanced 9-Ball Team champions “Ball Busters” (BC) outdistancing “Las Vegas Cue Club – Kuhl” (NV) 19-14 for the title; Men’s Open 9-Ball Team victors “Rounders” (BC) winning a marathon 19-17, 19-15 clash over “Wrecking Crew I” (LA); and winning Women’s Open 9-Ball Team “Rickochet Ladies” (LA) routing “Deli NineAlators” (AZ) 10-4 for its division conquest.

The ACS was also pleased to host some very extra special events at this year’s Nationals, which included Pedro Piedrabuena (CA) claiming his fourth national title at the USBA National 3-Cushion Championship; Jason Kane (NY) outpointing 100 competitors for the ACS National Artistic Pool Championship – conducted by former world artistic pool champion, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman; and Jason Kane (NY) and Jessica Frideres (IA) sharing respective men’s and women’s Speed Pool Challenge titles.

The ACS Nationals has found a new home in the southern, more entertaining portion of the Las Vegas strip and will return in 2012 to the Tropicana Las Vegas, May 5-11. The ACS expresses special notes of appreciation to title sponsor Lucasi Hybrid Cues, tournament direction and equipment supplier High Country Promotions, the professional staff of the Tropicana Las Vegas and the ACS tournament and referee staff, players and fans who continue to support the ACS – going into its eighth year of promoting the sport in North America. The ACS looks forward to continuing to build its ranks in 2011/2012 through its eleven state associations and championships and its independent leagues, its Lucasi Hybrid All American Tour, its certified referees and instructors, and to welcoming players to its $10,000 added 2012 Midwest 8-Ball Championships, January 19-22 at the Riverside Casino in central Iowa!! Complete results and winners photos of the 2011 Lucasi Hybrid Cues ACS National Championships may be viewed online at

2011 Lucasi Hybrid Cues
ACS Nationals
(American CueSports Alliance)
May 7 – 14
Tropicana Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada
Final Results
$121,515 Total Prize Fund
$34,000 Added Money
Men’s 9-Ball Singles
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1st    Nicholas Hood (Houston, TX)    $1,300 + Trophy
2nd    William Mason (Virginia Beach, VA)    $950 + Trophy
3rd    Derrick Cantu (Alexandria, LA)    $700 + Trophy
4th    Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE)    $450
5th    Joseph Wood (Norfolk, VA)    $300
6th    Rodney Browne (Westlake, LA)    $300
7th    Robert Klie (Virginia Beach, VA)    $250
8th    David Perry (Virgina Beach, VA)    $250
9th    Shane Jackson (Cottage Grove, MN)    $200
10th    Robert Berry (Mesa, AZ)    $200
11th    Bob McKown (Santa Fe, NM)    $200
12th    Glenn Atwell (Gig Harbor, WA)    $200
13th    Lance Allen (Mount Pearl, NL)    $150
14th    Steve Jeffries (Virgina Beach, VA)    $150
15th    Donald O’Connor (Sulphur, LA)    $150
16th    Raymond McDonald (Lexington, KY)    $150
17th    Michael Allen (Riverton, UT)    $100
18th    Isaac Runnels (Kankakee, IL)    $100
19th    Warren Liner Jr. (Theriot, LA)    $100
20th    Norbert Fonte (Las Vegas, NV)    $100
21st    Michael Navarre (Sulphur, LA)    $100
22nd    Calvin Gulley (Lexington, KY)    $100
23rd    James Kimmerly (Lexington, KY)    $100
24th    Gregory Hibbs (W. Jordan, UT)    $100
Women’s 9-Ball Singles
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1st    Jessica Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA)    $800 + Trophy
2nd    Leslee Davis (Lutz, FL)    $500 + Trophy
3rd    Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA)    $375 + Trophy
4th    Leandrea Gaff (Glendale, AZ)    $300
5th    Becky Mowdy (Longview, WA)    $225
6th    Janine Knight (Chicago, IL)    $225
7th    Andrea Wilson (Victoria, BC)    $175
8th    Brendee Wilson (Virginia Beach, VA)    $175
9th    Leslie Bernardi (Bay Point, CA)    $125
10th    Katrina Dennis (Ridgefirld, WA)    $125
11th    Rhonda Wright (Westlake, LA)    $125
12th    Sherry Griffin (Seattle, WA)    $125
Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Isaac Runnels (Kankakee, IL)    $2,000 + Trophy
2nd    Glenn Atwell (Vancouver, WA)    $1,300 + Trophy
3rd    Donald Branson (Las Vegas, NV)    $900 + Trophy
4th    Jimmy Moore (Las Vegas, NV)    $650
5th    Larry Wilson (Victoria, BC)    $425
6th    Kenneth Brisbon (Oxford, MI)    $425
Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Jason Kane (New York, NY)    $400
2nd    Jerrod Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA)    $200
Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Sherry Warren (St. John’s, NL)    $1,500 + Trophy
2nd    Kit Dennis (Ridgefield, WA)    $1,000 + Trophy
3rd    Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA)    $700 + Trophy
4th    Stacey Lantz (St. Petersburg, FL)    $500
5th    Leslie Bernardi (Bay Point, CA)    $400
6th    Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA)    $400
Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Leslee Davis (Lutz, FL)    $300
2nd    Brenda Phillips-Ridge (Toronto, ON)    $180
Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Nick Hood (Houston, TX)    $2,000 + Trophy
2nd    Derrick Cantu (Alexandria, LA)    $1,580 + Trophy
3rd    Patrick Dugan (Floral Park, NY)    $1,200 + Trophy
4th    Michael Allen (Riverton, UT)    $900
5th    Barry Peddle (Mt. Pearl, NL)    $700
6th    David Perry (Virginia Beach, VA)    $700
7th    Steven Stowers (Mesa, AZ)    $500
8th    Robert Perry (Mesa, AZ)    $500
9th    Ronald Pate (Weatherford, TX)    $300
10th    Carl Christensen (W. Jordan, UT)    $300
11th    Robert Van Fredenberg (San Jose, CA)    $300
12th    Jeff Forney (Watkins Glen, NY)    $300
13th    Blaine Stanford (Lake Charles, LA)    $200
14th    Brian Wolfe (Bullhead City, AZ)    $200
15th    Scott Dahle (Salt Lake City, UT)    $200
16th    Roy Homeak (Edmonton, AB)    $200
17th    Julian Russell (Fort McMurray, AB)    $150
18th    Robert Leonard (Calgary, AB)    $150
19th    Paul Tytles (Loretto, ON)    $150
20th    Jarret White (Barrie, ON)    $150
21st    Terry Hardrath (Cato, WI)    $150
22nd    Craig Arnold (Olympia, WA)    $150
23rd    Calvin Gulley (Lexington, KY)    $150
24th    Mike Fieldhammer (Brooklyn Park, MN)    $150
Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Chris McCreary (Las Vegas, NV)    $300
2nd    Michael Leigh (Innisfil, ON)    $200
3rd    Warrfen Liner Jr. (Theriot, LA)    $100
4th    Kenneth Coulter (Punta Gorda, FL)    $100
5th    Harry Kernodle (Norfolk, VA)    $75
6th    Wayne Graves (Orillia, ON)    $75
7th    Joe Hughes (Chesapeake, VA)    $75
8th    William Wieman (Antioch, CA)    $75
Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Rhonda Wright (Westlake, LA)    $1,400 + Trophy
2nd    Linda Asleson (Billings, MT)    $1,040 + Trophy
3rd    Labernalene Store (Mesa, AZ)    $700 + Trophy
4th    Jan Aust (Bend, OR)    $420
5th    Amy Encinias (Las Vegas, NV)    $250
6th    Susie Moss (Bountiful, UT)    $250
7th    Jodi Hirning (Glendale, AZ)    $150
8th    Samantha Patton (Richmond, KY)    $150
9th    Coleen John (Layton, UT)    $100
10th    Renee Hendricks (Cottage Grove, MN)    $100
11th    Kassandra Bein (Virginia Beach, VA)    $100
12th    Teresa Eibner (Peoria, AZ)    $100
Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Natalie Thompson (Salt Lake City, UT)    $300
2nd    Gina Knight (Chicago, IL)    $200
3rd    Mandy Schneider-Hood (Houston, TX)    $100
4th    Micheele Gonzalez (Peoria, AZ)    $100
5th    Maria Davis (Virginia Beach, VA)    $75
6th    Tammy Mareda (Livermore, CA)    $75
7th    Sara Bork (Houston, TX)    $75
8th    Elaine Kebodeaux (Crowley, LA)    $75
Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Hector Morgan (St. Johns, NL)    $1,200 + Trophy
2nd    Robert Wright (Surrey, BC)    $900 + Trophy
3rd    Greg Flowers (Barrie, ON)    $645 + Trophy
4th    Alan Hogan (Denver, CO)    $450
5th    Abraham Mairena (Vancouver, BC)    $350
6th    Steve Adams (Sparks, NV)    $350
7th    Lance Allen (Mt. Pearl, NL)    $225
8th    Glen Bird (Calgary, AB)    $225
9th    Jeffrey Huston (Antioch, CA)    $150
10th    Steve Smoke (Akwesasne, NY)    $150
11th    Adam Wilson (Prescott Valley, AZ)    $150
12th    Brian Harrell (Virginia Beach, VA)    $150
Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Eric Toro (Port Moody, BC)    $300
2nd    Gary Houg (Delta, BC)    $200
3rd    Robert Young (Mt. Pearl, NL)    $100
4th    Steven Iverson (Salt Lake City, UT)    $100
5th    Damien Michaud (Fort McMurray, AB)    $75
6th    Charly Tipton (Albuquerque, NM)    $75
7th    Norbert Forte (Las Vegas, NV)    $75
8th    David Amerman (Virginia Beach, VA)    $75
Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Eve Sisneros (La Junta, CO)    $785 + Trophy
2nd    Kirsten Liane (Tacoma, WA)    $500 + Trophy
3rd    Veronica Aquilar (La Junta, CO)    $350 + Trophy
4th    Arlene David (Virginia Beach, VA)    $250
5th    Nichole Wilson (Prescott Valley, AZ)    $150
6th    Katherine Bjordalen (Calgary, AB)    $150
Women’s Standard 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Rumi Brown (Virginia Beach, VA)    $300
2nd    Kim Hammer (Layton, UT)    $200
3rd    Jamie Cork (Inver Grove Heights, MN)    $100
4th    Sandi Peterson (Jaffray, BC)    $100
5th    Tina Miles (Suffolk, VA)    $75
6th    Loretta Brandl (Manitowoc, WI)    $75
7th    Marcy Rogers (Taylorsville, UT)    $75
8th    Amber West (Phoenix, AZ)    $75
Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Mike Rohner (Sherrill, IA)    $1,100 + Trophy
2nd    Victor Tyynismaa (Lake Havasu, AZ)    $800 + Trophy
3rd    Rodney Browne (Westlake, LA)    $600 + Trophy
4th    William Mason III (Virginia Beach, VA)    $450
5th    Ernest Lee Norton (Omaha, NE)    $350
6th    Claude Gragg III (Arlington, TX)    $350
7th    David Stowers (Apache Junction, AZ)    $250
8th    Roger Anderson (Boise, ID)    $250
9th    James Dyce (Phelpston, ON)    $175
10th    Anton Spanier (N. Las Vegas, NV)    $175
11th    Al Hopper (Roswell, GA)    $175
12th    James Dant (Kearns, UT)    $175
Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Michael Navarre (Sulphur, LA)    $300
2nd    Richard Arensdorf (Lexington, KY)    $150
3rd    James Kimmerly (Lexington, KY)    $90
4th    Derrell Smith (Lake Charles, LA)    $90
Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA)    $1,000 + Trophy
2nd    Loreen Toutant (Barrie, ON)    $700 + Trophy
3rd    Kim Anderson (Boise, ID)    $500 + Trophy
4th    Suellen Romesburg (Dover, PA)    $400
5th    Susan Kornerly (Two Rivers, WI)    $300
6th    Darla Decker (Martinez, CA)    $300
Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Milianne Chin (San Jose, CA)    $300
2nd    Deb Schad (Manitowoc, WI)    $160
Super Senior 8-Ball Singles
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1st    Roy Skenandore (Green Bay, WI)    $1,000 + Trophy
2nd    Jerry Watts (Shelbyville, KY)    $700 + Trophy
3rd    Randy Goettlicher (Carrollton, TX)    $500 + Trophy
4th    Jerome Iafollo (Steger, IL)    $350
5th    Glenn Gardner (Calgary, AB)    $250
6th    Stanley Bare (Huntington, WV)    $250
Super Senior 8-Ball Singles – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Bernard Rogoff (Las Vegas, NV)    $200
2nd    Madison Adkins (Winchester, KY)    $130
Advanced Scotch Doubles
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1st    Jessica Frideres/ Dustin Gunia (NE/IA)    $1,000 + Trophies
2nd    Janine Knight/ Kenneth Brisbon (IL)    $600 + Trophies
3rd    Andrea and Larry Wilson (BC)    $320 + Trophies
4th    Mary Raynor/ Ted Harms (AB)    $200
5th    Marie and Jack Davis (VA)    $100
6th    Samantha Patton/ Madison Adkins (KY)    $100
Open Scotch Doubles
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1st    Labernalene Store/ Steven Stowers (AZ)    $1,100 + Trophies
2nd    Mandy Schneider-Hood/ Nick Hood (TX)    $850 + Trophies
3rd    Rhonda Wright/ Robert Hawes (LA)    $600 + Trophies
4th    Daile Moffat/ James Dyce (ON)    $450
5th    Michael Allen/ Coleen John (UT)    $350
6th    Shawn and Vincent Modelo (CA)    $350
7th    Terese Natalie Thompson/ Steve Iverson (UT)    $250
8th    Kirsten Liane/ Michael Deveau (WA)    $250
9th    Anne Martinez/ Chris McCreary (NV)    $200
10th    Milianne Chin / Robert Van Fredenberg (CA)    $200
11th    Crissie Winn/ Clifton Valladolid (UT)    $200
12th    Julliette Moosewaypayo/ Glen Bird (AB)    $200
13th    Brendee Wilson/ Robert Klie (VA)    $150
14th    Betty Harris/ Gene Bourgeois (CO)    $150
15th    Arlene David/ Bill Mason (VA)    $150
16th    Tracy Clark / Matt Jay (UT)    $150
17th    Suellen and Kenneth Romesburg (PA)    $100
18th    Sue and Fran Kornerly (WI)    $100
19th    Rumi Brown/ Daniel Wickens (VA)    $100
20th    Tammy and Sean O’Neil (VA)    $100
21st    Leandrea Gaff/ David Stowers (AZ)    $100
22nd    Alena Joyce/ Jeff Huston (CA)    $100
23rd    Debbie Lockley/ Ryan Martinez (CO)    $100
24th    Cathy Kavanaugh/ Shawn Fleming (NF)    $100
Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Teams
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1st    Dick’s Pick (NV)    $2,500 + Trophies
2nd    Team Canada Eh! (AB)    $1,500 + Trophies
3rd    Ball Busters (BC)    $1,000 + Trophies
4th    The Expendables (BC)    $500
Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Teams – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Silver Cue I (KY)    $500
Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Teams
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1st    Dakota Dragon Ladies (ON)    $2,500 + Trophies
2nd    Ol Tima (WA)    $1,250 + Trophies
Men’s Open 8-Ball Teams
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1st    Brass Bell I (VA)    $3,500 + Trophies
2nd    4 Shooters & A Blind Preacher (UT)    $2,400 + Trophies
3rd    Willie’s (UT)    $1,450 + Trophies
4th    Falls Hotel (PA)    $900
5th    Hammerheads (FL)    $600
6th    Hank’s Billiards (CO)    $600
7th    Knuckleheads (VA)    $400
8th    Cradock (VA)    $400
9th    Dakota Knights (ON)    $300
10th    Jerry’s Kids (FL)    $300
11th    Foreign Policy (NY)    $300
12th    Smokin’ Cues (LA)    $300
Men’s Open 8-Ball Teams – 2nd Chance Division
1st    AZ Shockers (AZ)    $300
2nd    Strokin’ (FL)    $300
3rd    Q Zone (BC)    $100
4th    Still The Mavericks (FL)    $100
5th    MF Shooters (GA)    $75
6th    Deli Sammiches (AZ)    $75
7th    Damaged Goods (AB)    $75
8th    The Inn Crowd (NY)    $75
Women’s Open 8-Ball Teams
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1st    Rat Pack Gals (UT)    $2,000 + Trophies
2nd    This Buds For You (OK)    $1,000 + Trophies
3rd    Footers 1 – Femme Fatale (VA)    $750 + Trophies
4th    Ball Bashing Broads (UT)    $600
Women’s Open 8-Ball Teams – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Deli Avengers (AZ)    $300
2nd    Here Fishy Fishy (AB)    $200
3rd    GBA (TX)    $100
4th    Bullshooters Pounders (AZ)    $100
5th    P.F. Changs Warriors (AZ)    $75
6th    Lentz’s Ladies (PA)    $75
7th    NDN Time (AB)    $75
8th    Warriors (CA)    $75
Men’s Standard 8-Ball Teams
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1st    Cubetas Leo’s Place (CO)    $1,500 + Trophies
2nd    O’Leary’s (AZ)    $1,000 + Trophies
3rd    DBBC – Mazzy’s (GA)    $700 + Trophies
4th    Dooly’s Newfoundland (NL)    $500
5th    Ready Room Usual Suspects (VA)    $350
6th    Megalomania (SK)    $350
7th    Evolution – Finish Line (IL)    $250
8th    Pocket Pushers (UT)    $250
Men’s Standard 8-Ball Teams – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Shooting Jacks (AZ)    $300
2nd    Patos (NV)    $300
3rd    Don’t Hold It Against Us! (CO)    $100
4th    The Tribe (BC)    $100
5th    Ely Street Hooligans    $75
6th    DRC-90 (VA)    $75
7th    J.C. Blue Mooz (FL)    $75
8th    Cue Ball Wizards (SK)    $75
Women’s Standard 8-Ball Teams
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1st    Kross Roads Wild Cards (VA)    $1,000 + Trophies
2nd    Felt On The Table (ON)    $600 + Trophies
3rd    Just Us (UT)    $425 + Trophies
Women’s Standard 8-Ball Teams – 2nd Chance Division
1st    Shut Up N Shoot (MN)    $300
2nd    3 Cheers (VA)    $200
3rd    Hard 2 Handle (TX)    $100
4th    Straight Shots N More (TX)    $100
5th    York Farm Cue-Ts (UT)    $75
6th    Rez Chicks (NY)    $75
Men’s Advanced 9-Ball Teams
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1st    Ball Busters (BC)    $2,000 + Trophies
2nd    Las Vegas Cue Club – Kuhl (NV)    $1,200 + Trophies
3rd    Chalkoholics (AB)    $800 + Trophies
4th    Willie’s (UT)    $400
Women’s Open 9-Ball Teams
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1st    Rickochet Ladies (LA)    $1,200 + Trophies
2nd    Deli Ninealaters (AZ)    $800 + Trophies
3rd    P.F. Changs Warriors (AZ)    $500 + Trophies
4th    Ol Tima (WA)    $250
Men’s Open 9-Ball Teams
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1st    Rounders (ON)    $2,000 + Trophies
2nd    Wrecking Crew I (LA)    $1,200 + Trophies
3rd    Island Reef Bob (VA)    $875 + Trophies
4th    AZ Shockers II (AZ)    $575
5th    8 Ball Rules (UT)    $300
6th    Wrecking Crew 4 (LA)    $300
7th    Falls Hotel (PA)    $200
8th    Hank’s Billiards (CO)    $200
9th    MF Shooters (GA)    $150
10th    Cradock (VA)    $150
11th    The MVPs (CO)    $150
12th    N.R.C. (ON)    $150
7th Annual ACS National Artistic Pool Championship
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1st    Jason Kane (New York, NY)    $250 + Plaque
2nd    George Hamilton (Glendale, AZ)    $180 + Plaque
3rd    Trevor Neal (New York, NY)    $130 + Plaque
4th    Glen Dubois (Houma, LA)    $80 + Plaque
5th    Dustin Gunia (Omaha, NE)    $40
6th    Sean Martinez (Albuquerque, NM)    $40
7th    Ike Runnels (Kankakee, IL)    $20
8th    Merle Trivitt (York, PA)    $20
9th    Scott Thurston (Seattle, WA)    $20
10th    Tom Fankhauser (Decatur, IL)    $20
Bonus Shootout #1    Jason Kane (New York, NY)    $100
Bonus Shootout #2    Kenny Tran (Lexington, KY)    $100
Speed Pool Challenge
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1st    Jerrod Frideres (Fort Dodge, IA)    $300 + $180 Bonus + Trophy
2nd    Edward Mataya (Tacoma, WA)    $200
3rd    James Blackman (Cold Lake, AB)    $120
4th    Keith ButlerV    $70
1st    Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA)    $125 + $50 Bonus + Trophy
2nd    Stacey Lantz (St. Petersburg, FL)    $100
3rd    Chrissy Robertson (Las Vegas, NV)    $70
Scotch Doubles Best Dressed
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Rene Hecker and Tommy Ashe (VA)
Men’s Best Dressed Team
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Brass Bell (VA)
Women’s Best Dressed Team
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Bust N Balls (CA)
League Operators of the Year
Ginger Clark – Mid Cities 8-Ball League (Arlington, TX)
Tom Fankhauser – Decatur Area Pool League (Decatur, IL)
Laura Lo-Birch – Pikes Peak Billiard Club (Colorado Springs, CO)
Rick Stirpe – Corning Area Tavern League (Corning, NY)
Mike Wilson – Southern Amusement Pool League (Norfolk, VA)
Referee of the Year
Jeff Kimble (Baton Rouge, LA)

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