The 11th annual Pa. State TAP Titleholder

The results in the first bracket championship board came down to the final two teams. Clarksburg Sharks from nearby Indiana county, decided against a split (good to hear and see two teams battling it out more for bragging rights then the money) vs. Stock’s (from Somerset county) who came back from a 1-2 deficit to tie it up at 2-2 and the final match with Dave ( Woody) Woodward (6 handicap) playing Rick Gutshall (5 handicap) for the cheese. Rick and Stock’s won it all with Rick winning the match by a 4-3 score. This match could have went either way and from my own observation I believe Woody (being on 3 different teams) finally took it’s toll on him and he ran out of gas. Good effort by both teams.
In the 2nd bracket, Assunta and Malcotti’s 2 (first time for Malcotti’s 2 to ever make the finals!) also decided to duke it out with the Assunta getting the win. It was nice to see teams playing it out to the end. Seems we got away from that over the last 3-4 years. Malcotti’s capt., Dave Roles told me they were playing it out since it took them so long to get to a finals. Great attitude! It’s not about the money but about the game and recognition knowing you deserve to win it or at least gave it your best shot.

The next TAP event at the “Coop” will be in late August for the Laurel Highlands summer Titleholder and national playoffs where we will decide which teams will earn the coveted 5 available spots for TAP’s nationals to be held in Las Vegas in November at Bally’s.

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