USBA Tour “HDCP” Cue & Cushion






April 15-17, 2011

The link for the UStream is

The format is (2) groups of 6 players.(3) from each group advance to the finels,
than will have (6) players in the finel,


A+ Players = 30 points
A Players = 27 points
B Players = 23 points
C Players = 18 points

Prize Fund: $5,900.00
1st Place: Miguel Torres $2,000.00

2nd Place: Mazin Shooni $1,500.00

3rd Place: Hugo Patino $1,100.00
4th Place: Sonny Cho $1,100.00

5th Place: Tony Ferrara $400.00

6th Place: Jim Shovak  $200.00

High Run: Mazin Shooni/Miguel Torres (11) $25.00 each
Best Game: Mazin Shooni 30 pts/15 inns (2.000 avg)    $50.00

TABLES: Two Chevillotte Carom Tables with Simonis 300 Cloth.


1) 50-second Shot-Clock will be used with 1 extension per match

3) Full tournament attire: vest, tie, black pants, black shoes

4) Cue provided by sponsors

5) Celebratory Buffet

ACCOMODATIONS: Mazin Shooni will make arrangements for players to stay at the Fairfield Marriot down the street from Cue & Cushion. April 14-18. There are currently 8 rooms booked under Cue & Cushion’s name at a rate of $69.00 + hotel fee.  Please call the hotel at 603-606-5485 and ask to change one of these reservations into their name.  They will be responsible for providing a method of payment upon check in. The address and website information are listed below.
Fairfield Inn & Suites – Hooksett
8 Bell Ave
Hooksett, NH 03106
Ph: 603-606-5485
Fx: 603-606-5491

Also the big game between,Hugo Patino and Jim Shovak  VS  Mazin Shooni and Tim King,

Thursday The 14th at 9:00 PM Right after the players meeting,

Here are the names for the players that are going to play

#1 Mazin Shooni

#2 Miguel Torres

#3 Sonny Cho

#4 Mike Kang

#5 Hugo Patino

#6 Jim Shovak

#7 Dru Dangelmayer

#8 Tim King

#9 Nick Vejacuoe

#10 Tony Ferrara

#11 Rick Kirk

#12 Dave Vanlocrone

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