After all the rest…..Why not try the best?”

TAP LLC is looking for some hard working and honest people to bring the TAP pool league to your area. If you are tired of playing “slop”, non typical 9 ball rules, tired of constantly breaking your team up due to low team point handicaps and tired of trying to make it to nationals then it is time that you and your friends try TAP.
In a recent Inside Pool magazine article, one of the oldest billiard leagues reported they had less than 1% growth in 2009, adding less than 1,300 new members nationwide that year. TAP on the other hand is now the fastest growing league in the country with new members totaling 8,082 in 2009. There is no slow down in sight for the TAP sales office either.   For the first four months of 2010, TAP has recorded record breaking sales with new licensees being added areas such as Colorado, Virginia, Missouri, South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey and Indiana just to name a few.
With TAP’s innovative league features including the state of the art Pool-Net system, which includes many options such as, the players statistical module, user friendly report queries and the most advanced handicapping system in the industry and so much more, round robin national formats, TAP’s Rally in the Valley at the Super Billiard Expo every March, TAP’s traveling nationals going to locations such as New Orleans, Louisville, Charleston, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach and Orlando is a hit with the players and it is no wonder why TAP is now recognized as the leader in the billiard league industry and known as “The league that goes places.”
If you are tired of your dinosaur pool league, then try TAP and improve your game with our format. Please call the sales office at 1-800-984-7665 ext. 2 to schedule a quick tour of Pool-Net or visit for more info. You will not be disappointed and glad you did.

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