2009 WPA World “Artistic Pool” Championship.

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To Respective WPA Confederations and Room Owners:

We would like to request any and all federations structured under the umbrella of the World Pool – Billiards Association (WPA) and interested room Owners to submit their interest in hosting/promoting the 2009 WPA World “Artistic Pool” Championship.  This event will take place at an agreeable date to Promoters/Room Owners/Federations that are interested. The sooner all details and dating can be arranged…the better of course for all concerned.

It is important that all federations worldwide be given time to express their respective interest in hosting this event as well.
Prior locations for the world event were as follows:
2000 — North America (Las Vegas, NV)
2001 — North America (Las Vegas, NV)
2002 — Europe (Willingen, Germany)
2003 — Europe (Kiev, Ukraine)
2004 — North America (Bell Gardens, CA)
2005 — North America (Southington, CT)
2006 — North America (Fridley, MN)
2007 – Europe (St Petersburg, Russia)
2008 – North America (Atlanta, Georgia)
2009 –???????????

The following is a list of requirements to host the World “Artistic Pool” Championship:

1) A minimum of 3 tables for the actual competition and 2 practice table are normally provided with Simonis 860 cloth or similar and Aramith TV Pro Cup Balls.

(a)    4 competition tables for a 3 day event
(b)    3 competition tables for a 4 day event

2) Requested monetary add-on from respective Promoters/Room Owners/Federations is a minimum amount of $7000 for calculation into the overall prize fund distribution.

3) Support staff for scoring (3 – 4 persons) — Will be trained by event director

4) Support staff for table judging (3 – 4 persons) — Will be trained by event director

5) Lodging and Travel expense for event director

6) 3 or 4 days for event completion, plus one day prior to event start for player’s meeting and press and/or media promotions set up by promoter/federation administration.

7) Evening of last day for award presentations and possible banquet provided by Promoters/Room Owners/Federations.

8) Other items of consideration that Promoters/Room Owners/Federations must provide to make this event successful are as follows:

a) Sectioned off area for tournament tables

b) Area for sponsorship banners and posters

c) 1 Announcer table & 1 Sales table

e) PA System

f) Water for players at tournament and practice tables

g) Players tables and chairs, 3 chairs per table

h) Stands or Easels for score sheets for final matches

i) Markers for score sheets

j) Media coverage (TV, Radio)

k) Advertisement (Print Frequently)

l) Security (If needed)

m) Program for participating players

n) Discounted Lodging (location in respect to tournament site)

o) Meal allowances

p) Ground transportation from airport to hotel and back

q) Host site will collect and payout prize monies along with WPA Representative

r) Trophy/Cup awards for first, second and third place position overall.
Note:  This will be in addition to 3 medals provided by the WPA.

s) Free practicing any time of the day for players

Note:  WPA will award medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall.    Dr Cue Promotions provide $100.00 maximum for promoters to purchase (8) discipline medals, plus a sportsmanship award and $1,000 added to the World Championship.     Players will act in table judging capacities, along with coordinated efforts of support staff assigned to this function by the Promoters/Room Owners/Federations.

Special Note (1): Please list desired or best dates in January 2010 to host this event.   Please provide one or two timeframes that you can work with.

Special Note (2):  A decision on the location/venue for the World Championship will be reached by the WPA Artistic Pool Division Committee by September 20, 2009.  So please respond to this request no later than September 15, 2009 with your written bid proposal.  This will allow adequate Promoters/Room Owners/Federations/Players time to finalize planning and prepare for this prestigious event.

9) Some ideas for host sites to help raise money

a) Collect gate fees

b) Local sponsors to buy adds in the players program

c) Free artistic pool shot challenge coupons

d) Host site to sell caps or t-shirts

e) Raffle 3 or 4-day event pass

f) Players to sign cue balls to sell at tournament

g) Provide discounts or coupons for local business

We would like to encourage and thank all Promoters/Room Owners/Federations structured under the WPA, to consider hosting this event.    “Artistic pool” has found significant inroads to fan and player attraction around the world, so any federations/rooms that has not hosted this event to date is encouraged to become a part of a growing movement internationally to bring the magnetic appeal of our sport to their location for the first time.

If you have any questions, or would like to submit a proposal for hosting the 2009 World “Artistic Pool” Championship, please contact me at the email address listed below.

Nate “Okinawa Slim” Bryant                                 Mark Dimick
President                                                                 Board Member
WPA Artistic Pool Division                                   WPA Artistic Pool Division
okinawaslim@mindspring.com                              dimickmark@aol.com

P.S.   A unique opportunity is before you…in bringing the best “artistic pool” players in the world to your host site to compete for this official WPA title.    Best victories to you all!!!

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