Eberhart Makes Comeback In Viking Tour Billiard Event

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James Eberhart & Dave Hedrick

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Amateur-Advanced and Amateur Division were hosted by Flamin’ Nine Billiards in Gravois Mills, Mo., the Weekend of April 18th & 19th, 2009. The double event was $2500 Added played on 7 foot tables and featured many local players as well as players from around the region.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur-Advanced Division was won by James Eberhart in the second set of the double elimination format. Eberhart had made his way thru the chart undefeated until the first set of the finals where matched up against Gary Lutman who gave Eberhart his first taste of defeat with a score of 11-5. Eberhart came back with a vengence in set two 11-9 to take home the first place prize of $1130. Eberhart had previously defeated Lutman hill-hill in round 1. After sending Lutman to the left side of the chart Eberhart proceeded to defeat the following on his way to the finals: Jamey Martin 11-5; Troy Kirkendoll 11-7; and Cory Smith 11-7.

Gary Lutman took an early trip to the one loss side and worked his way back to finals by defeating the following: Joe Pierce II 11-6; Jackie Sansoucie 11-5; Mike Mercurio 11-9; Troy Kirkendoll 11-5; Doug Patrick 11-9; and Cory Smith 11-9.

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Amateur Divison was won by local favorite Jamey Martin. Martin followed in Eberharts footsteps as he too went undefeated until the first set of the double elimination finals where he would lose the first set to Troy Kirkendoll 9-7 and fight his way back to take the win in set two 9-6.

Martin defeated the following in his pathway to finals: Eva Justice 7-2; Scotty Justice 7-5; Gary Lutman 7-3; Troy Kirkendoll 9-8; James Eberhart 9-8.

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Jamey Martin & Dave Hedrick

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank Dave Hedrick the owner of Flamin Nine Billiards in Gravois Mills, MO. for hosting this event. Dave graciously scheduled the event with a two week notice after the original event had been cancelled due to the room being sold. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour will return to Flamin Nine Billiards on July 25th & 26th for a $2500 Added Event. So make your plans now to come out and support your sport. If you are in the area make sure to check out Flamin Nine Billiards and show your support for your sport and the people that continue to support billiards.

Amateur-Advanced Payouts:

1st James Eberhart $1130
2nd Gary Lutman $700
3rd Cory Smith $450
4th Doug Patrick $250
5/6th Troy Kirkendoll Tyler Voorhess $135 Each

Amateur Division Payouts:
1st Jamey Martin $950
2nd Troy Kirkendoll $650
3rd James Eberhart $370
4th Chris Rickey $220
5/6th Gary Lutman Doug Patrick $80 Each
7/8th Steven Turner Russell Pace $50 Eac

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