The USBA 2009 National 3-Cushion Championships is now underway

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February 18th
The USBA 2009 National 3-Cushion Championships is now underway with a field of 42 players from all over the country at Carom Café Billiards in Flushing, NY.
Defending National Champion РMiguel TorresӬ2008 Runner-up РPedro Piedrabuena along with Mazin Shooni, Sonny Cho, Hugo Patino and Michael Kang are the six seeded players.
Format in the Prielims will be six flights of 7 players. Race to 25, with 3 top players of each flight advancing along with the 2 top 4th place winners making it 20 players in the semi-finals.
Check back with us for more information later on.
Nationals List of Players:
1) Miguel Torres
2) Pedro Piedrabuena
3) Mazin Shooni
4) Sonny Cho
5) Jim Shovak
6) Andrew Janquitto
7) Tom Rossman
8) Dave VanLokeren
9) Joe DeAmato
10) Gilbert Najm
11) Leonardo Duprin
12) Young Gull Lee
13) Michael Kang
14) Min Jae Pak
15) Eric Hughes
16) Spencer Wisnston
17) Bob Page
18) Walt Scott
19) Darrel Stutesman
20) Jamil Isreal
21) Mike Bengels
22) Antonio Rivera
23) Armando Wong
24) Bassel Elshaar
25) Felipe Razon
26) Hugo Patino
27) George Ashby
28) Dan Kolacz
29) Paul Frankel
30) Bill Johnson
31) Gary Elias
32) John Cristiano
33) George Theobald
34) Charles Brown
35) Jim Watson
36) Robert Raiford
37) Don Sperber
38) Juan Elizalde Sauz
39) John Park
40) Francisco Loaiza
41) Mark Jarvis
42) Gary Eake

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