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Incredible Relay Shot!

 This is one of the hardest shots i have attempted. It may take you a while to make it. Don’t give up until you made it.

Kiss Back Shot

This is a shot you want to learn. It’s not as hard as it looks. Set up as in diagram. Try it and you would want to show all your friends. Hitting the white...

Bar Box 8-Ball

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Bar Box 8-Ball
By: Marty Kaczmarowski, APA 7

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End of game or middle game strategy: take away a blocked pocket with a combination and put your ball in front of the pocket. This leaves you with a “œduck” and your opponent with a headache.

Go Fetch by Eric Yow Trick Shot

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I’ve been preparing to compete in the 2009 ESPN2 “œTrick Shot Magic” competition which films September 16-17 at the ESPN Zone in the NYNY Hotel in Las Vegas.