Effective September 1, 2022, Mazin Shooni once again assume the role of President of the USBA. 


                                   USBA News

The USBA held elections and candidates were scarce.  I stepped forward and threw my hat in the ring for one reason, to hopefully sustain and improve the organization in every way.  So, effective 9/1/22, the USBA and my previous organization known as 3cushionUSA will combine their every effort into making USA Billiards strong and active for years to come.

My goal is to reach out to as many players as we can, have them join the USBA and support as many tournaments as they can and in the next breath, reach out to as many sponsors as we can, acquire their support and strengthen and enhance this organization as much as we can.

I hope we can put together a Board of Directors that is willing and able to work hard to achieve all of these goals.

We all agree that 3 cushion billiards is the most beautiful game in the world.  I hope you’ll join me in trying to capture that beauty in all we do.

The National Championship will take place next week in Chicago and I hope to see and speak with many players and members of the USBA and hear that I’ll have their support as they’ll have mine and together we can work and play to accomplish our goal.

Thank you for your time and trust and for your anticipated cooperation and enthusiasm in our USBA’s efforts.

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