CueSports International (CSI), and its CSI Leagues division, is excited to announce the Amusement & Music Operators of Wyoming (AMOW) as its newest affiliate league association. On Monday, July 18, the AMOW Board of Directors voted in favor of the new affiliation which makes all AMOW leagues, essentially every pool league in the state of Wyoming, members of the BCA Pool League.


This affiliation brings a wealth of new benefits to AMOW League Operators and players. Every AMOW league will now use the FargoRate League Management System (LMS) at no cost, the BCA Pool League mobile scoring app at no cost, all AMOW league data will be automatically reported to FargoRate at no cost, all AMOW players will get the premium features of the FargoRate app at no cost, all AMOW players can become eligible for BCA Pool League events, including the BCA Pool League World Championships in Las Vegas, and much more.


Additionally, all AMOW annual events will convert from the old subjective rating structure (AAA / AA / A / B / C) to divisions based on Fargo ratings and use the CSI online registration and tournament management system (CTS), the only such system in the world with FargoRate fully integrated. This means that AMOW players can register online for AMOW events and all divisions will be more competitive.


Finally, AMOW events will now use the brand new 7-foot Predator Apex Premier League Edition pool tables, which have been meticulously designed as a collaboration between CSI and Predator for maximum performance, reliability, and fun. To learn more about the 7-foot Predator Apex Premier League Edition table, click here.


AMOW President, Nic George, expressed his excitement about the new affiliation when he said, “We have clearly outgrown our humble beginnings. The time to move forward with CSI and FargoRate is now. We’re most excited for what this strategic partnership provides.”


Ozzy Reynolds, CueSports International CEO said, “We are thrilled to have the AMOW as part of the CSI Leagues family. Change is not the comfortable thing to do and the AMOW Board of Directors should be proud of themselves for being true leaders by improving their organization and the entire pool landscape in the state of Wyoming.”

CSI is committed to unifying all pool leagues, across the globe, under one umbrella. All leagues, state and regional associations, and even other national organizations, can join CSI Leagues to obtain the vast array of benefits while maintaining their identities and independence. Any association or organization interested in offering the very best to its members should contact CSI

The Amusement Music Operators of Wyoming (AMOW) is a state association comprised of service companies in the coin-operated amusement industry who share a common goal of providing recreation, camaraderie, fun and fair competition to Wyoming communities by coordinating well organized pool and dart leagues and events. We are proud to offer to qualified players, annually held Wyoming state events that recognize growth and excellence at all skill levels. By partnering with outstanding international organizations for pool and darts, the integrity of each sport is ensured and Wyoming qualified league players are invited to attend and compete in choice events hosted worldwide.


CueSports International (CSI) is an international pool league and event leader and is comprised of three divisions: CSI Leagues, CSI Events and CSI Media. CSI Leagues manages the BCA Pool League and USA Pool League; CSI Events produces numerous league and professional events around the globe and CSI Media creates live streaming and digital content. Through its vision and strategic alliances, CSI is “shaping the future of pool.” For more information about CSI or any of its divisions, visit or find CueSports International on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



Ozzy Reynolds

CEO | CueSports International


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