The TriState Tour and 28 players

Shooter’s Billiards would once again play host to The TriState Tour and 28 players would come out to play 9 ball. The highlight of the day would be newcomer Christian Jay Orque who would fight thru the day defeating Nate Raimondo 7-6, Jaydev Zaveri 7-6, Wazeer Abasi 7-2, And Kevin Scalzitti 7-5. He would then face Amir Eliganitiry and would lose 7-4. He would wait for Mac Jankov who started his day defeating Michelle Brotons 6-3, Mike Strassburg 6-3, Bob Toomey 6-3 and would then fall to Amir 6-3. On the one loss side he would defeat Rick Rodriquez 6-3 and Dave Shlemperis 8-4. He would then due to the late hour forfeit to Christian Orque. This would lead to a rematch between Christian and Amir but the swing would go the other way with Christian control of the table preventing Amir from ever getting any rhythm going and Christian would close out the day with an 9-3 victory.

1st Christian Jay Orque
2nd Amir Eligantiry

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