World 14.1 Tournament Congratulations to Lee Vann Corteza!!


Corteza just captured his first World 14.1 title, beating four time champion Thorsten Hohmann by the score of 300-183!

This was truly a game of two halves. In the first half, Hohmann ran 83 on his way taking a lead of 146-78. Corteza was positioned to play a behind the rack secondary break shot after the players returned from a 30 minute intermission.

In the second half Corteza outscored Hohmann, 222 to 37 as he put together runs of 29, 67, and 43 before closing with a match ending run of 83 and out!

Group 1

  1. Mika Immonen FIN
  2. Danny Harriman USA
  3. Del Sim SCO
  4. Pascal Dufresne CAN
  5. Mark Kendall CA
  6. Robert Madenjian CT
  7. Tom Gleich CA
  8. Thomas Walsh OR

Group 2

  1.  Thorsten Hohmann GER
  2.  Lee Van Corteza PHL
  3.  Eddie Kunz NY
  4.   Rhys Chen JAM
  5.  Tom Karabotsos IL
  6.  James Heller NJ
  7.  Bob Coates NY
  8.  John Schott NY

Group 3

  1.  Darren Appleton  ENG
  2.  Tony Robles NYC
  3.  Olli Turkulainen FIN
  4.  Frank Scharbach  GER
  5.  Hunter Lombardo FL
  6.  Michael Yednak NYC
  7.  Gene Ok NY
  8.  Ed Culhane NJ

Group 4

  1. John Schmidt  USA
  2. Jonni Fulcher SCO
  3.  Max Eberle  NV
  4. Danny Barouty CA
  5.  Sean Morgan AK
  6.  Holden Chin NY
  7.  Noah Vogleman FL
  8.  Mark Finklestein NY


Varner, Mizerak, Eufemia To Be Inducted: Rock & Roll Star Mark Kendall Enters World 14.1

77th World 14.1 October 2-8, 2017  New York City,  Steinway Billiards

The greatest 14.1 players in history come back each year to vie for the most prestigious & traditional title in pool

New York City- The votes are in. This year’s 7th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame will induct 3 legends of the game. For Greatest Player Category, Kentucky’s Nick “Cool Hand” Varner and New Jersey’s Steve “The Miz” Mizerak will be inducted as well as NY’s Mike Eufemia in the Unsung Heroes Category. The banquet ceremony will take place on October 4th at Steinway Billiards. Match play will halt right after the round robin matches are done on Day 3 of the 77th World 14.1.


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